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Tell Us Once: Death Notification Service

Tell Us Once is a cross-government service making death or birth notification simple. You can report a death to most government organisations on one occasion.

TELL US ONCE SERVICE DEATH: In most cases, you can register a death yourself to the registrar who will then:

You need some details of the deceased person to use the Tell Us Once death service, including their:

As a rule, you will also need some details or personal information on:

Note: You need permission before giving out certain contact details. They include the next of kin, the executor, or the administrator. The same applies to anyone who was claiming joint benefits or entitlements with the person who died.

Organisations Notified by Tell Us Once

If you use the Tell Us Once death notification service they will then notify:

Note: If the deceased person owned land or property you will need to update property records when someone dies yourself.

If Tell Us Once is Unavailable

The Tell Us Once service is available throughout most of the United Kingdom. But, you will need to inform some organisations about the death yourself if:

Tell Us Once Service in the United KingdomThe service is not yet available in Northern Ireland or any of these local authorities:

Telling Banks and Financial Organisations

The person who died may have had a bank account, a mortgage, insurance policy, or a pension. You will need to contact the provider to change the details in the accounts or close them.


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