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How to Update Property Records

There are several different ways to update property records when someone dies. Check the process for updating property records or transferring a registered property after a death.

UPDATING PROPERTY RECORDS: When someone dies, the first step is finding out whether they were the joint or sole owner.

You may need to check the property records with HM Land Registry if:

  • You are not sure who owns the property.
  • You do not know if it is a joint or sole ownership.

If a Joint Owner of a Property Dies

You need the application form DJP if the deceased person was a joint owner in the property. The ‘deceased joint proprietor’ form removes the name of a joint proprietor from the register after a death. Send an official copy of the death certificate and the completed form to HM Land Registry.

Standard Address for Members of the Public
HM Land Registry Citizen Centre
PO Box 74
GL14 9BB

Royal Mail Address for Business Customers
HM Land Registry
PO Box 75
GL14 9BD

DX Address for Business Customers
HM Land Registry
DX 321601
Gloucester 33

If a Sole Owner of a Property Dies

As a rule, the property will transfer to someone else when the sole owner of a property dies. In most cases, it will get transferred to either:

  • The beneficiary (e.g. a person inheriting the property from the deceased owner).
  • A third party (e.g. someone who buys the property).

Transferring a Property to a Beneficiary

There is a set process to transfer a property of a sole owner to the beneficiary. You will need to download and fill in the information on these forms:

There are several other documents to include before you send the package such as:

The beneficiary must complete the application form titled ‘Verify identity: citizen ID1‘. The form proves your identity when lodging an application to HM Land Registry. A non executor will also need to complete the same form to transfer the property.

Note: Send all completed forms and any supporting documentation to the standard address at HM Land Registry.

Selling a Property to a Third Party

You must inform HM Land Registry if you change the registered owner of a property. Thus you will need to:

How to Update Property Records when Someone Dies in the United Kingdom