Biometric Residence Permit Replacement

This guide explains how to report a lost or a stolen biometric residence permit. Find out how to replace a BRP and the fee for replacement.

BRP LOST OR STOLEN: The UK Home Office have a special service for reporting a lost or stolen BRP.

The online service allows you to send a report from inside United Kingdom or from abroad.

Someone else can also report a missing BRP on your behalf. You might choose to ask a legal representative, the college or university, or your employer.

You will need to provide some personal information to report a BRP lost or stolen:

  1. Your full name, your date of birth, and your nationality.
  2. A contact email address or a postal address.

Once you have reported the missing card the Home Office will then contact you within one working day. They will inform you whether you need to replace your biometric identity card.

Note: If you find the BRP after reporting it lost or stolen you will not be able to use the original card.

How to Replace a BRP Card

There are some situations where you must replace a biometric residence permit. They include times such as when a damaged, lost, or stolen BRP is valid for another 3 months (or longer).

As a rule, you will also need to replace your BRP any time there is a change of circumstances. Thus, changing your name means you will need to get a BRP replacement.

The time allowed for getting a replacement depends on where you lost it or had the card stolen. That means did it go missing inside or outside the United Kingdom.

Note: Failing to apply for a replacement in time (within 3 months) can result in a fine up to £1,000. The Home Office can also force you to leave the United Kingdom.

BRP Damaged, Lost, or Stolen inside United Kingdom

If your card goes missing inside the UK you must apply for a replacement BRP within 3 months.

BRP Damaged, Lost, or Stolen outside United Kingdom

What if you are outside of the United Kingdom when the card goes missing? In this case you cannot apply for a replacement BRP from overseas.

You will need to get a ‘replacement BRP visa‘ instead. That allows you a ‘once only‘ re-entry into the United Kingdom. As a rule, you need to apply online in most overseas countries.

The current cost for this type of replacement BRP visa is £154. You must then apply for a replacement BRP within 1 month of returning to the United Kingdom.

Note: Special rules apply for North Korea and Cuba when applying for a replacement BRP visa.

Apply for BRP Replacement

The GOV.UK website has further publications to apply for a replacement BRP. You can use this link ‘Application for a replacement biometric residence permit: BRP(RC)‘.

Once you have completed the application for you can either:

  1. Use postal methods to send the document and the fee (address on the form).
  2. Apply in person at one of the premium service centres. You will need to have a UK visa, leave to remain status, or indefinite leave to remain.


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Biometric Residence Permit Replacement in United Kingdom