Biometric Residence Permit Collection

There are several ways to collect a biometric residence permit. How you get a BRP depends on whether you apply for a visa or immigration inside or outside the United Kingdom.

GETTING A BRP CARD: Did you apply for your visa or immigration from inside the United Kingdom?

If so, you do not need to collect the BRP. They will send your biometric identity card to your address by courier service.

What about those who applied for their visa or immigration from outside the UK?

In this case you will need to collect your BRP after you enter the United Kingdom. BRP collection must take place within 10 days of your arrival in the UK or before the vignette expires.

The decision letter provides further information about biometric residence permit collection. It informs you that only people aged 18 or older can collect a BRP. The letter will also explain one or two options for collecting it:

  1. BRP collection from a named Post Office branch.
  2. BRP collection by your sponsor (if this was the option you chose in your visa application).

Note: Failing to collect your BRP can result in a fine up to £1,000 in the United Kingdom.

Documentation required to Collect a BRP Card

You will need to take some documentation if you collect your BRP from a Post Office in person. They will need to see your passport or your travel document with the vignette sticker.

Note: The Home Office issue a vignette sticker once they approve a visa application. It grants permission to enter to the United Kingdom. But, you must do so within 30 days of getting the approval.

Collecting a BRP for a Child

Someone else can collect a child’s BRP on their behalf. But, the person must get nominated before collecting it. The same rule applies even if you are the parent of the child.

The Home Office will inform you within 5 working days if they approve the BRP collection.

Note: The nominated person must be over 18 years old and hold a valid passport, EU national ID card or BRP card.

You will not need to get nominated if you are collecting your own BRP at the same time. That is providing you got named on your child’s vignette sticker.

Collecting a BRP from a different Post Office Branch

It may be easier for you to pick up your BRP from an alternate Post Office branch. In this case you would need to arrange it at the different branch. There is usually a fee to pay for collecting BRPs from different Post Office branches.

Note: Make sure that particular Post Office branch offers a ‘BRP collection service‘ before you choose it.

Unable to Collect your BRP Card

There may be a reason to nominate someone else to collect your BRP for you. A serious illness or a disability might prevent you from collecting it yourself. The nominated person must have at least one of the following:

  • A Passport
  • A BRP
  • An EU National Identity Card

Someone else can make the nomination for you. You might choose an employer, a legal representative, college, university, or a charity.

It will take 5 working days to get approval (or not) for the person you nominate to collect a BRP on your behalf.

There is no problem if you change your mind. You can still go ahead and collect the biometric residence permit yourself. You can also choose to nominate a different person instead. In this case you would not need to cancel the original nomination.

Problem Collecting a BRP Card

You must inform the Home Office if you are unable to collect your BRP. There are several reasons why this might happen including:

  • The BRP was not available at the Post Office when you went to collect it.
  • You are unable to prove your identity because you lost your passport or your travel document.
  • You lost the decision letter and now you are not sure which Post Office branch to collect it from.

Once you inform the Home Office they will send you an email within 5 working days. It may take longer if they do not have your email address. Their response will explain the next step to make.


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Biometric Residence Permit Collection Rules in the United Kingdom