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Mental Health Illness Matters

All mental health issues relate to someone's psychological or emotional wellbeing. This guide addresses the most common mental health problems with tips and advice.

So what are some ways to look after your own mental health? It starts by taking care of yourself - and your loved ones. This guide provides practical help in looking after, and recognizing, mental health problems.

Mental Health Issues in the United Kingdom

Displaying an absence of mental illness is usually a sign of good mental health. Generally, it includes the ability to enjoy the basic rules for a happy life and living.

It’s tough to achieve a balance between psychological resilience and life’s daily activities. It is not uncommon to feel depressed or anxious some of the time.

Even so, most of us will have concerns on how to feel less stressed ‘more often‘. Coping with mental anxiety, stress, or depression is a challenge.

Some people see it as a ‘normal‘. They see the emotional ups and downs as part of life and living in today’s busy world. Yet for others, feeling mentally and emotionally happy is a difficult path to find.

There are some natural self-help methods for boosting mental health. But, for many, the urgency in mental health problems resort to seeking medical help from a GP.

Issues in Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder

How to identify or rule out bipolar mood disorder? Check out 10 of the typical signs and symptoms related to the prevalent mental condition.

Brain Health

There are a handful of reasons why playing ‘ping pong’ is good for your brain. Check out an article that lists the mental benefits of table tennis game for the young and old.

Personal Problems

This section highlights matters that relate to one’s self – including how to solve personal problems in life and make personalised improvements.

Psychological First Aid Training

Public Health England (PHE) have developed, and now launched, free Psychological First Aid training online in the United Kingdom.

Public Health

This part deals with the promotion and protection of healthy lifestyles. In depth research explains how to protect against disease and prevent injuries.

The challenge to improve public health in the United Kingdom focuses on the detection and control of infectious diseases.

Stress and Anxiety

The guide provides helpful tips and advice on how to manage stress and anxiety ‘better’. Browse through a comprehensive list of steps for managing pressure and stress.

Mental Health Problems: Psychological or Emotional Issues in United Kingdom