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Armed Forces Benefits and Concessions

This help guide contains a list of benefits and concessions available to people who serve, or have served, in the Armed Forces. Check what financial help the government in the United Kingdom provides for Armed Forces veterans and their families.

ARMED FORCES BENEFITS UK: Information in this guide applies to:

  • Those who are currently serving in the UK Armed Forces.
  • People who once served in the Armed Forces (regarded as veterans).
  • The dependants of those currently serving in the Armed Forces and of veterans.

The list of financial help available for people in the military and Armed Forces is considerable. The benefits and concessions also extend out to veterans and to their families.

This information and guidelines should help you find what financial help is available. But, the amount of support you get will depend on your particular situation.

Some of the sections and help guides include the contact details for organisations that offer assistance to service families in the United Kingdom.

So, what financial benefits and concessions are available for Armed Forces personnel? Veterans, those serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants may get help from various sources, including:

  • A range of benefits in the United Kingdom and certain benefits abroad.
  • Council Tax Relief.
  • Help with school fees and the cost of childcare.
  • Selected free travel and other reductions in the cost of traveling.

Note: The topics below get updated on a regular basis. Select those which relate to your situation the most and follow the links for extra guidance.

Benefits for Armed Forces Veterans

Armed Forces Injury Claim

Were you injured, or were you ill, while serving in the armed forces or reserve forces? Then most likely you can claim for armed forces injury. Find out exactly who can claim and how.

Armed Forces Pensions

Compensation Tribunal

The section explains the War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Tribunal process. Find out how to appeal a war pension decision, the deadline, and what happens at a hearing.

Pensions Calculator

People who have already served in the armed forces could be eligible for an armed forces pension. You can use the armed forces pension calculator to work out and forecast the amount you might get.

War Widow’s and Widower’s Pensions

Did your partner die before the 6th of April 2005 during HM Armed Forces service or in war time? Find out how the War Widow(er) Pension helps widows and widowers.

Financial Help for the Disabled

You can get financial help if you are disabled or in poor health. Check the list of benefits available for adults and children with disabilities or illness.

Note: The Defence Infrastructure Organisation released details about new contracts that will enhance maintenance and repair services across Service Family Accommodation (SFA).

Military Service Records

Getting Copies of Records

The section explains how to apply to get a copy of military service records. Find out who can apply, how long the process takes, and the costs involved.

Wills of Soldiers

You can search for the will of a soldier who died while serving in the British armed forces between 1850 and 1986. To find a soldier’s will you must know their last name and the year of death.

Scholarships for Bereaved Service Children

The Armed Forces Bereavement Scholarship Scheme (AFBSS) provides financial help for children whose parent died during military service.

Armed Forces Benefits and Concessions in United Kingdom