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Employment Rights and Statutory Laws

Employment Rules and Regulations

Learn the key employment laws of employing someone in the United Kingdom. This guide also lists the obligations of legal working contracts in England.

UK EMPLOYMENT LAWS: Working regulations establish the basic ground rules between employers and their employees.

British legislation protects all occupational relationships in the workplace. Browse through an up to date list of statutory rights and law Acts.

The statutory rights and responsibilities apply to your employment and to your entitlements. UK employment rules and regulations also govern the lawfulness and culpability of employers.

Find out what employment means as we demystify the legal jargon of the United Kingdom's complex working laws and workplace definitions.

Employment Statutory Rights
Employers and human resource managers can use these employment rules and regulations. Even so, employer and employee statutory rights may differ in some countries.

UK Employment Legislation Guide

A-Z UK Rules and RegulationsA to Z of UK Rules

UK RULES A-Z: Knowledge is power! Check out an alphabetical list of rules and laws in the United Kingdom.

UK Benefit Entitlements and Rights GuideBenefits and Allowances

RIGHTS TO BENEFITS: Your rights to financial benefits are yours to claim during tough times. The UK welfare section explains all about claiming benefits for families or child carers.

Note: It's a section with vital information on heating and housing benefits, bereavement benefits, and tax credits. Check your eligibility to get other support payments - especially disabled people, job seekers, and the elderly.

UK Employment Laws List GuideEmploying People

WORKER MANAGEMENT: A complete guide to employing people and staff management. Check what employers and organisations need to consider when hiring staff for the workplace.

UK Employment Laws List GuideEmployment Laws

LIST OF LAW ACTS: A free updated guide to work related employee legislation is an invaluable bookmark. The list of employment laws and legislation will help employers, managers, and human resource professionals.

UK Pension Regulations GuidePensions

PENSION RULES: A section on pension scheme investments. Check how workplace and private pensions provide tax-efficient, long term ways of saving money for retirement.

UK Taxation Laws GuideTaxation

UK TAX LAWS: HMRC taxation is a financial charge or demand imposed upon a taxpayer by a tax authority. There are punishments for failure or evasion to meet levy bestowed upon you. Resisting its collection is punishable according to the money and tax laws in the United Kingdom.

Working and Finding a Job GuideWorking and Jobs

UK WORKERS: Use this section to learn about the rights of workers, holiday regulations, and job hunters in the United Kingdom. Further information is for those involved in the reserve forces and armed forces.

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Employment Rules and Regulations in the United Kingdom