The UK Rules
Biomass Fuel Suppliers

Registering as a Biomass Fuel Supplier

This section explains how to register on the biomass supplier list (BSL). Biomass registration means you can then supply biomass fuel to customers who use the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Before Becoming a Biomass Fuel Supplier

You can only register on the biomass suppliers list if you supply wood fuel. Thus, you are going to need:

You may need to supply other information as well. It will depend on what type of business you operate.

Selling Biomass Fuel to Consumers as a Trader

You will need the licence numbers from your biomass fuel supplier list. As a rule, you will also need to know:

Note: You will need to get a carbon emissions calculation from each of your suppliers if you do not have these details.

Selling Biomass Fuel to Traders or Consumers as a Producer

As a producer, you will have to make a greenhouse gas calculation. You will also need to show that you meet the land criteria rules. In general, the calculation for greenhouse gas will depend on the size of company.

Note: To you will need some information on the 'lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions' of your fuel to make the calculation. This may include details on the type of dryer you use to dry the fuel.

Making Biomass Fuel for Your Own Usage

You may be a 'self-supplier making biomass fuel for your own use. If so, you must either be a participant in the Renewable Heat Incentive or be planning to make an application. You must have a boiler that generates less than one megawatt (1MW). You will also need to provide:

Registration on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL)

When you register on the Biomass Suppliers List you get added to a list of woodfuel. This type of wood fuel meets the eligibility requirements for the RHI scheme and Ofgem.

Note: BSL authorisation is not a quality scheme. Thus, it does not guarantee the standard of the fuel that gets supplied through the scheme.

How to Find a Sustainable Wood Fuel Supplier

The online search tool helps you find a registered supplier of biomass wood fuel that meets the Renewable Heat Incentive requirements. Fuel suppliers registered on the list meet the requirements for both RHI schemes:

The sustainable wood fuel supplier service is for consumers who:

You will need to add some information to find a local BSL fuel supplier online. The search facility allows the use of a postcode, a company name, or a BSL authorisation number.

How to become a Biomass Supplier in the United Kingdom