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How to Apply for Care to Learn

This section explains the process for claiming Care to Learn. There is further information on the Student Bursary Support Service with contact details.

HOW TO CLAIM: All applications for Care to Learn take place through the online process.

But, the method you use to apply online will depend on whether:

Before Making the Application

You will need to choose a learning provider and a childcare provider before you apply. The childcare provider will get paid from the beginning of the course if the application is either:

  • Made before the course starts.
  • Made within 28 days of starting the course.

The system for payment changes if you apply afterwards. The childcare provider would only get paid from the beginning of the week that they receive an application.

Note: To continue receiving Care to Learn payments you must make a new application for each academic year that you claim.

After Applying for Care to Learn

Once you have applied you must give your learning provider either:

  • A copy of the birth certificate for your child.
  • A letter confirming that you get Child Benefit for that particular child.

Note: The childcare provider will not get paid until you produce this information for your learning provider.

Where to get Help and Advice

Student Bursary Support Service
Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 08001218989
Telephone: 08009176048
Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
Check a list of call charges in the UK.

If you qualify for the scheme you will receive a letter and a payment plan. The letter explains what financial help is available for young students with children.

The payment plan gives information on travel cost reimbursements (if you qualify). It also informs the childcare provider when they will get paid.

Change of Circumstances

You must inform the Student Bursary Support Service if your circumstances change. Thus, login to your account and report anything that changes, such as:

  • Your personal details or those of your childcare provider.
  • The number of hours you pay for childcare or your fees for childcare.
  • Your costs for traveling to study.
  • The course, the learning programme, or the learning provider.
  • The number of hours you study (including private study or time taken for exams).

Note: Claiming for Care to Learn does not affect any of the benefits for families or any other allowances.


Care to Learn Scheme: Check what it is and how it can help to pay for childcare costs while you study.
Care to Learn Eligibility: Check if you meet the qualification criteria to get the Care to Learn payments.

Making an Application for Care to Learn Online in United Kingdom