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Care to Learn Scheme for Students

The purpose of the Care to Learn scheme is to help with childcare costs while you study in England. Find out how to apply and what you might get.

WHAT IS CARE TO LEARN? The scheme can help to pay for childcare costs while you are studying.

The Care to Learn scheme is available for publicly-funded courses in England, such as in:

  • Schools
  • Sixth-forms in schools
  • Sixth-form colleges

It is for students who are under the age of twenty (20) at the beginning of the course.

If you make a claim for Care to Learn it does not affect any of the benefits for families or any other allowances.

Care to Learn Benefits

You may get family income support up to:

  • £175 per child per week (living inside London).
  • £160 per child per week (living outside London).

Payments from the Care to Learn program can help by covering the cost of:

  • Your childcare, deposit payments, and registration fees.
  • Transporting your child to a childcare provider.
  • Trying a childcare taster session (for up to 5 days).
  • Retaining your childcare place during the summer holidays.
Care to Learn Payments

The money would be direct payments to the childcare provider. But, there are certain restrictions to meet before they get paid, including:

  • Your childcare provider must confirm that your child was in attendance.
  • Your school or college will need to confirm that you are attending your course.

Note: Travel costs get paid direct to the school or college where you study. They will either arrange a method of travel for you or give you a reimbursement.

As a rule, the payments for Care to Learn will stop if:

  • You no longer attend the course.
  • Your child no longer attends their childcare.
  • You reach the completion of your particular course.


Care to Learn Eligibility: Check if you meet the qualification criteria to get the Care to Learn payments.
How to Claim Care to Learn: Information on claiming if you are studying and need extra financial help.

Care to Learn Family Benefits for Young Students in the United Kingdom