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Work and Health Programme

Work and Health Programme 2022

The Work and Health Programme helps people without a job find work and stay in it. The Programme continues its roll out throughout England in 2022.

UK EMPLOYMENT SUPPORT: The Work and Health Programme was first launched in November 2017.

Back then, the employment support programme was only available in North West England and in Wales.

The Work and Health Programme will roll out across other parts of England in the first few months of 2022.

The main aim is to provide practical support to help people find a job. Once you have found a job, it then focuses on helping you to stay in work.

In most cases, it is a voluntary scheme for various groups of vulnerable people. Those with health a condition or a disability can choose whether to take part or not.

But, it becomes compulsory for some groups. If you have been out of work and claiming unemployment benefits for 24 months you must join the scheme.

Note: Work and Health Programme is replacing several other employment support projects. The most noticeable are the Work Choice and Work Programme schemes.

Work and Health Programme Eligibility

You may qualify to join the programme if you are living in England or Wales and you are:

Note: There is no requirement for you to have any rights to claim benefits to make an application.

Work and Health Programme Framework

What do you get if you join the Work and Health Programme? The personal support that you get will help:

How to Apply for the Work and Health Programme

If you have a work coach they will confirm whether you are eligible for the Work and Health Programme. If not, make a visit to your local Jobcentre Plus branch. Tell them you would like to speak to a work coach about joining the Work and Health Programme.

Note: An expansion of the 'Get help with technology programme' will benefit around half a million care leavers and disadvantaged pupils. As a result, around ten thousand devices (namely laptops and tablets) are being made available to help educate and support children with a social worker as well as children arriving from Afghanistan.

Work and Health Programme in the United Kingdom