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Child Benefit

Child Benefit while in Prison or Remand

In most cases, people who get incarcerated can continue to claim Child Benefits. But, there are several key rules for claiming Child Benefit while in prison or on remand.

CHILD BENEFIT: You can still claim Child Benefit if you get imprisoned if either:

You have the choice of transferring the Child Benefit payment the another person. That helps them to pay for the upkeep of the child.

Note: n some cases, the child may get cared for by the local council. If so, Child Benefit payments will stop after eight (8) weeks.

If Your Child is in Prison or On Remand

What if your child gets sentenced to prison or is on remand? In most cases such as this, your Child Benefit payments would stop after eight (8) weeks.

Note: You would receive Child Benefit arrears if the child gets cleared of the offence.

Caring for Someone Else's Child

If you look after your partner's child, or someone else's, while they are in prison you may be able to claim:

Child Benefit while in Prison or On Remand