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DVLA Digital Tachograph Company Card

HGV operators need the microchipped smart card to download data from vehicle tachographs. This guide explains how to make an application for a digital tachograph company card.

COMPANY TACHOGRAPH CARD: A digital tachograph company smart card is about the same size as a plastic driving licence.

But, unlike your driver’s licence, the digital tacho card contains a special microchip. The chip stores data taken off the driver smart card version.

The digital unit is similar in essence to the analogue tachograph. Digital units still maintain the recordings of driver activity times, rest and break periods, and other work.

But, the biggest difference is that old analogue versions can only record information to a record sheet.

Vehicle operators use a company card to control and monitor tachograph data information. It retrieves data stored inside a digital Vehicle Unit (VU). As a rule, a DVLA tachograph company card is valid for five years.

Digital Tachograph Company Card Lock In and Out

All the data must be ‘locked in‘ to the company for the system to work with efficiency. That means you need to lock it in before you start operating the associated vehicle.

Thus, you need to ‘lock out‘ the system when you have finished using that particular vehicle. Locking data in retrospectively is not possible because that information would open for anyone to see it.

Haulage companies must have access to the information clocked inside the digital tachographs of their vehicles. The company digital tacho card lets you download this important information and statistics.

Application for a Digital Tachograph Company Card

Operators of haulage vehicles can use the online service to:

  • Apply for a first digital tachograph company card (or to get additional company cards).
  • Change the name or address on company cards.
  • Renew an existing card (or replace lost, stolen, faulty, or damaged cards).

Note: Another section explains how to become a lorry driver, or start driving a bus or coach for a profession, in Britain or Northern Ireland.

Digital Tachograph Team
Telephone: 0300 300 2079
Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm

Damaged tachograph cards should be returned to DVLA if you apply for a replacement. You can also order ST2A application pack by post or online. Failing that you could always call them to request the ‘ST2A’ application pack.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
Telephone: 0300 790 6109
Check cost of phone calls in UK.

Apply for Company Digital Tachograph Card in Northern Ireland

You can make a request for a company card application form to the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland.

Driver and Vehicle Agency Licensing Enquiries
Email: doeni.gov.uk
Telephone: 0845 402 4000

Advantages of the Digital Tachograph Company Card

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a company smart card is that it allows you to ‘lock’ the recorded data inside the Vehicle Unit tachograph. That means other operators are unable to see the data.

This facility ensures that any personal information about you or your company drivers stays protected from your competitors. It also protects the details about driver work patterns and break time periods.

This system could be particularly important if you decide to sell a company vehicle or at any time you use a hire vehicle.

The digital tachograph company smart card also allows its monitors to maintain records. The undertakings of your Operators’ Licence (issued by the Traffic Commissioner) explains the procedure.

Most haulage company operators see the helpful facility of the digital system as having the ability to download the data and information from the Vehicle Unit (VU).

This means you can perform checks on driver hours and on company rostering procedures. By coincidence, these tachograph regulations are actually required by legislation.

How to Apply for a Digital Tachograph Company Card in the United Kingdom