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Flying with Babies

Air Travel with Babies

Use these 10 rule of thumb parenting tips and guidelines to keep your baby or infant of 3 to 6 months happy while flying on an airplane.

FLIGHTS WITH A BABY: Flying with an infant older than three months means mom and dad will be busy.

Nonetheless, it is usually a rewarding and fun time to travel with your baby on a plane and made easier with these helpful tips for parents flying with a baby or infant.

Unlike newborns, older babies are becoming more alert at this age and parents begin figuring out what kind of routine their baby needs and when they need it.

Flying or traveling with a small infant or baby should be relatively easy time to travel with baby because they are not likely to be mobile, still restricted to a liquid diet as a rule, and it is easier to calculate their feed and sleep times.

Your baby should be used to being carted around in an infant carrier and fairly contented to ride in a stroller which rules out some of the higher stress factors associated with baby flights and air travel.

Tips for Baby's Carry-on Bag

As a rule you can buy baby food and milk when you have been screened through the security check. Baby items on the shelves are pre-screened so you will not have to verify these yourself. Some airports operate a reserve-and-collect service for formula milk so you can book your chosen brand of formula with your airline and collect it at the departure lounge.

The carry-on bag for your baby should include;

Final Tip: As a rule parents find it exhausting to fly with a baby so be sure to plan some rest and relaxation time immediately after you all arrive at your destination.

Flying with Babies Tips; UK Rules Updated 2017