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Help Guide for Flying with Babies

Air Travel with Babies Tips

How do you keep a baby or infant of 3 to 6 months happy while flying on an airplane? Use these 10 rule of thumb guidelines and tips for air travel with babies.

FLIGHTS WITH A BABY: Flying with an infant older than three months means mom and dad will be busy.

Nonetheless, it is usually a rewarding and fun time to travel with your baby on a plane. You can make it even easier with these helpful tips for parents flying with a baby or infant.

Unlike newborns, older babies are becoming more alert at this age. Part of being a parent means figuring out what kind of routine your baby needs and when they need it.

Flying, or traveling, with a small infant or baby should not be too much of a challenge. They are not likely to be mobile kids and still restricted to a liquid diet. Thus, it is easier to calculate their feed and sleep times.

Babies should be comfortable while getting carted around in an infant carrier. Being contented to ride in a stroller rules out some of the higher stress factors associated with baby flights and air travel.

Tips for Baby's Carry-on Bag

As a rule, you can buy baby food and milk after the screening process at the security check. Baby items on the shelves are pre-screened so you will not have to verify these yourself.

Some airports operate a reserve-and-collect service for formula milk. So, you can book your chosen brand of formula with your airline and collect it at the departure lounge.

The carry-on bag for your baby should include:

Final Tip: Most parents find it exhausting to fly with a baby or infant. Be sure to plan some rest and relaxation time immediately after you all arrive at your destination.

Flying with Babies Tips for the United Kingdom