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Support for Families with Children

Check what entitlements and financial assistance you can claim if you have children. This section has information for those who are pregnant or already have a child. There is further help and support available for workers and individuals who have children and are studying in the United Kingdom.

Financial Help: There is a wealth of financial help and assistance for parents with children in the United Kingdom.

But, getting the right help and support for those with children is not always easy to identify. This is especially so for busy parents who are working or raising children.

This informative section provides guidance on government benefits if you have children. Check out the grants available from your employer if you are in work.

Information in this guide is mainly for pregnant women and their partner.

But, financial aid is also available for those who have a baby already. Further entitlements extend to people who are claiming support and for people on a low income.

Benefits Help When Having a Baby

Child Benefit

Check out the list of child benefits for those who already have children. The section gives you expert up-to-date advice with information about claiming Child Benefit support.

Childcare Support

The child care and support overview explains how to get help caring for a child. There is information on pregnancy, school education, and assistance for those with school-age children.

Domestic Workers

Check to see if you would get considered an as employer of your nanny, childcare worker, or au pair. The section explains the rules for employing someone to work in your home.

Healthy Start

The Department of Health statutory scheme provides a nutritional safety net. The Healthy Start vouchers are for pregnant women and for young children in low-income families.

Help for Disabled Children

Children with disabilities present various challenges for those who are looking after them. But, financial concessions are available for people who need help caring for a disabled child.

Parents’ Learning Allowance

What is Parents’ Learning Allowance and can you get it? PLA grant is extra financial funding for full-time students who have dependent children.

Paternity Pay and Leave

Paid Paternity Leave is an entitlement for parents, adopters, or surrogates. Taking Paternity Pay and Leave gives you an option to have a brief spell off work to take care of a new arrival.

Shared Parental Leave

Shared Parental Leave gives mothers an option to end their maternity leave and pay earlier than planned. That choice offers parents greater flexibility for time off during their baby’s first year.

Tax Credits

A section covering the Tax Credits categories and how it helps families with children. Check out the two different types of Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credit.

Maternity Pay and Leave for Parents

Maternity Allowance

The exact Maternity Allowance amount you get depends on your eligibility. You may be eligible to get this benefit if you do not already qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay.

Maternity Pay and Leave

Statutory Maternity Pay is for those who take time off work to have a baby. In most cases, you are eligible to claim your maternity rights as well as a range of benefits income.

Maternity Planner

Find out how to calculate your leave and pay for parents after you have a child. This online guide helps you check whether you can get maternity leave. You may also get paternity leave or shared parental leave. Then you can calculate how much pay you might get if you take leave from your job.

Sure Start Maternity Grant

Are you on a low income and getting the right pregnancy benefits? Do you qualify for the one-off payment Sure Start Maternity Grant 2016? The tax-free boost of £500 is for those who need most help with the costs of a new baby.

Financial Help and Assistance for Parents with Children in the United Kingdom