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Educating Your Child at Home

UK home education laws allow parents to educate their children out of school. Educating your child at home can be full time or part-time, and your local council can help.

HOME SCHOOLING A CHILD: As a parent, you can teach and educate your child at home – even if you are not a qualified teacher.

In the United Kingdom, all children should receive a full-time education from the age of 5 years old.

Home education rules have no legal requirement for parents to follow the national curriculum to the letter. But, you should follow all other child home schooling regulations.

Where do parents’ rights originate to provide their children with a home schooling education?

It comes from a long standing entitlement of responsibilities. Thus, all parents can determine the main source of education for their own juveniles.

This virtue avoids the education of children becoming a state controlled monopoly. Thereby, their tuition would get conditioned by government policy alone.

Home Schooling Your Child

It is difficult to find accurate official figures on how many children receive home schooling in the United Kingdom. Even so, research seems to suggest that there could be close to 100,000 home schooled kids in the UK (less than 1%).

These home education facts and statistics are only estimates. But, they get based on the number of children who are of compulsory educational age in Great Britain.

What happens if you intend to teach your child out of school? There are several child home education rules you need to follow.

First you must write to the head teacher of the school. They must accept if you take a child completely away from the traditional form of school education.

Note: The head teacher can refuse your request if you plan to send your child to school only some of the time.

Home Education for Children with SEN

Homeschooling is also available if your child has special educational needs. It is always best to contact your local council. They may be able to help you educate a child at home.

Note: Councils only need informing if your child has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

Local Council Help and Information

The council has a postcode lookup service. But, the home education information is only available in England and Wales. You will need to enter your postcode (e.g. SW1A 2AA) and then you can find further assistance online.

Council Checks on Child Home Education

Your council can conduct an ‘informal enquiry‘ to check on your child home education. As a rule, they will most likely find that your child is receiving suitable schooling at home.

But, the council can serve a school attendance order on a parent. They can choose this option if they find reasons why your child should get taught in a traditional school environment.

Free Home Learning Resource Packs

Teachers and parents can get access to online displays and activities. The ‘Teacher’s Pet‘ website offers a range of free home learning resource packs while schools are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in the United Kingdom.

Home Education: Homeschooling a Child in the United Kingdom