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How to Register Agricultural Land

Information in this page explains how to register land with the Rural Land Register. Check when and how to make land registration and what documents to send with an application.

RLR REGISTRATION: Agricultural land must be registered with the Rural Land Registry. Use HM land Registry for land and property registration.

To claim from most land-based funding schemes, you must register with RLR ‘and‘ HM Land Registry. UK land-based funding schemes include:

Note: Read more on registering land or property with HM Land Registry in England. Land in Scotland should get registered with the local Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate (RPID) office.

What Land to Register

Land registration is only needed for areas that you will claim payments on. This can include land that you farm as part of a farming business. The same rules apply for areas that qualify for land-based payment schemes. A good example would be land that has environmental value.

Land Maps and Boundary Lines

After registering agricultural land you will receive a complete set of maps. The maps will show the land areas registered. Check the maps and make sure you agree with the boundary lines. If you find any errors you should report them immediately to the issuing office.

Who Can Register Agricultural Land?

Registering as a Customer

Before you can register the land, you need to register as a customer of the Rural Payments Agency (RPA). They will need to know:

  • The business name and address.
  • The person or the company that has legal responsibility for the business.
  • The land address with the postcode or the UK OS grid reference.
  • The main contact person for communication and what powers they have.

Note: UK Ordnance Survey grid references are not the same as longitude and latitude references. The grid references come from OS maps and only apply to the United Kingdom. The normal reference is made up of 2 alpha-numerics and 6 numerics. This denotes 100 square meters of land. Ordnance Survey Ltd is wholly owned by the UK government.

As a rule, the main contact would be yourself. But, it can also be the person that has legal responsibility for the business or an independent agent.

You can allow an agent different levels of power to act. Full power, known as ‘empowerment‘ means they can deal with all your land registrations. Partial power means they can have access to your information – but cannot change it.

Check the Rural Payments Agency leaflet for further information on the different levels of empowerment. The contact person can download the ‘Empowerments leaflet‘ from the government website.

If you are a new customer, or changing existing details, you can contact the Rural Payments Agency.

Rural Payments Agency
Telephone: 0300 020 0301
Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 5pm
Email: [email protected]

PO Box 300
Sheffield S95 1AA
Check call rates in the United Kingdom.

The RPA will issue a Single Business Identifier for the business. All authorised people will receive a Personal Identifier. You must have these any time you register the land with the Rural Land Register.

When Landlords and Tenants Register Land

The landlord or tenant can register the land with the RLR. But, the land can only get registered once. The landlord and tenant can claim funds for the same piece of land. The main restriction is that they must be under different schemes.

Registering Land or Changing a Registration

Download and complete the Rural Land and Entitlements form (RLE1) if you are:

  • Registering ‘newly purchased’ land for the first time.
  • Changing digital maps or details of land that is already on the Rural Land Registry.
  • Transferring entitlements by sublease or through inheritance.
  • Deregistering land.

You can download the form at the government documents website. You can also ask the RPA to send you the form. Complete the form and return it to the Rural Payments Agency.

Fill the form in using a black ink pen and only block capitals. Do not use correction fluid. Include your Single Business Identifier when you register as a customer with the RPA.

If you are registering land for the first time you will need to include a map. An Ordnance Survey or a professional drawn map is acceptable. For amendments you can use the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) digital map. Ensure all land boundaries are clearly marked with a fine-tipped pen. Do not use a pencil.

Note: For further help on filling out the form refer to the RLE1 guidance notes.

Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland

The Rural Land Register responsibilities are for land in England. But, what if you have a piece of land in more than one country in the United Kingdom? In this case you need to make a separate registration in the relevant countries.

You should contact the Rural Payments Agency on questions about pieces of land you have in England. They are unable to help with land registry in other UK countries.

Note: Contact the relevant agencies below for information on land registration in Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales.

How to Register Land in Scotland

Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Development
Telephone: 08457 741 741

How to Register Land in Northern Ireland

Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Telephone: 02871 319 900

How to Register Land in Wales

Agriculture Department, Divisional Office of the National Assembly for Wales
Telephone: 02920 752 222

How to Register Agricultural Land with the Rural Land Register in the United Kingdom