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Agricultural Workers' Pay Rates in UK

Information in this page lists farm worker pay rates by grade. Check how the grade of worker affects agricultural workers' pay and overtime.

FARM WORKERS’ PAY RATES: Agricultural workers’ pay rules changed on the 1st of October 2013.

Thus, the National Minimum Wage rates apply to all agricultural workers employed in England.

Workers who started before this date have rights to the Agricultural Minimum Wages.

Their original employment contract must state they were eligible for the Agricultural Minimum Wage.

In Wales, agricultural workers must get paid the higher of the National Minimum Wage or the Agricultural Minimum Wage. In this case, the minimum wage would be dependent on the agricultural worker grade and job category.

Agricultural Minimum Wage: Grade 1 to 6

Farm workers’ pay is different for full-time and part-time employees. A full-time worker is someone who has a contract stating they work at least 39 hours a week. But, these hours do not include overtime.

Agricultural Worker Grades 1 to 6 Weekly Pay Hourly Pay Hourly Overtime
Grade 1 (compulsory school age) Not applicable £3.11 £4.67
Grade 1 (above school age) £242.19 £6.21 £9.32
Grade 2 £271.44 £6.96 £10.44
Grade 3 £298.74 £7.66 £11.49
Grade 4 £320.19 £8.21 £12.32
Grade 5 £339.30 £8.70 £13.05
Grade 6 £366.60 £9.40 £14.10

Flexible Workers (full-time and part-time)

Flexible workers are those who do not work a traditional work pattern such as 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. In fact, they may work less days each week – but more hours per day.

Thus, they will be full-time workers if they have a contract for 39 hours a week. Otherwise, they will be part-time for the purpose of agricultural workers’ pay rates.

Agricultural Worker Grade Days per Week Hourly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Overtime
Grade 1 4 to 5 £6.52 £254.28 £9.32
Grade 1 6 £6.64 £258.96 £9.32
Grade 2 4 to 5 £7.31 £285.09 £10.44
Grade 2 6 £7.45 £290.55 £10.44
Grade 3 4 to 5 £8.04 £313.56 £11.49
Grade 3 6 £8.20 £319.80 £11.49
Grade 4 4 to 5 £8.62 £336.18 £12.32
Grade 4 6 £8.78 £342.42 £12.32
Grade 5 4 to 5 £9.14 £356.46 £13.05
Grade 5 6 £9.31 £363.09 £13.05
Grade 6 4 to 5 £9.87 £384.93 £14.10
Grade 6 6 £10.06 £392.34 £14.10

Apprentice Farm Workers

If you have been an apprentice for at least 3 years you will receive grade 2 farm worker pay rate or above.

Year of Apprenticeship Age Hourly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Overtime
Year One Any £139.23 £3.57 £5.36
Year Two 16 to 17 £145.08 £3.72 £5.52
Year Two 18 to 20 £196.17 £5.03 £7.47
Year Two 21 and above £246.09 £6.31 £9.29

Trainee Entitlement

As a rule, a trainee is not entitled to pay for on-site training or holidays. That also includes UK Bank Holidays. But, trainees will be due a payment if they do any work agreed under separate contracts.

Agricultural Training Courses

Employees on agricultural skills and training courses should get paid their normal wage. This includes the time spent going to, and from, the training center. They can also claim for travelling expenses.

Overtime Payments

To qualify for overtime payment you must work:

  • Over 39 hours a week.
  • More than eight (8) hours a day or in a single shift.
  • More than your normal working hours above your employment contract.
  • On a public holiday or a bank holiday.
  • On a Sunday (if your employment contract started before the 1st of October 2006).
Tied Accommodation

Getting a house or ‘self-contained accommodation’ as part of the job means the pay can get deducted by £1.50 a week. But, if you meet certain criteria you may get entitlement to an Agricultural Tenancy.

What if the accommodation is not classed as a house? A typical example would be a caravan. In this case the most you can get deducted is £4.82 for each day you stay there. This rule usually applies to seasonal farm workers and part-time agricultural workers.

Note: All accommodation must be safe, warm, and secure. It must also have a toilet, washing facilities, and potable drinking water.

Piece Work

Piece works should receive the Agricultural Minimum Wage for the hours worked. So if the amount paid for piece work is less than the minimum rate the worker qualifies for the minimum rate of pay.

Night Work

If you work between the hours of 7pm and 6am the night shift allowance is £1.36 per hour on top of your basic pay.

Dog Allowance

If you have a dog that works with you as part of your job you can get an allowance of £7.63 a week for each dog. The most obvious example are sheep dogs. But, it can also include canines used to control vermin.

Agricultural Sick Pay

Agricultural Sick Pay (ASP) means you get paid at least the Agricultural Minimum Wage if you go off work sick. It includes any Statutory Sick Pay you might have entitlement to.

On-call Allowance

On-call allowance is 2 hours overtime pay of the farm workers’ pay grade. You do not have to be at work to receive on-call allowance if you have an agreement with your employer to be:

  • Contactable by an agreed method such as by mobile phone.
  • Able to reach your workplace in an agreed time frame.

If you get called into work you must get overtime or the on-call allowance – whichever is highest. In other words if you work less than 2 overtime you get paid the on-call allowance.


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Agricultural Workers’ Pay Rates and Overtime by Grade in the United Kingdom