Changes to Agricultural Workers' Terms

A change in employment rules applies to workers starting a new job in agriculture or horticulture in England from the 1st of October 2013.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: The changed employment terms and conditions also apply to workers supplied by gangmasters.

Employed from the 1st of October 2013

All new workers must get at least the National Minimum Wage. They also have full entitlement to other ‘minimum terms of employment‘ by statute.

Employed before the 1st of October 2013

Farm workers have entitlement to the terms and conditions of their employment. The agricultural workers’ rights also extend to those supplied by a gangmaster, including:

Note: If tied accommodation is also included in the contract then the worker may continue living there.

The terms and conditions to these rights are valid for the length of the contract. Any changes to the contract must happen by mutual consent.

Workers cannot receive a salary lower than the National Minimum Wage. Thus, if the NMW goes higher, the pay of the worker must go up to at least match the increase.

Enforcement of Farm Workers’ Rights

Farm workers in England can contact the ACAS helpline. They will give free advice about the changes to employment terms and conditions.

Employment Terms and Conditions in Wales

In Wales, employers give new agriculture workers an ‘Agriculture Wage Order‘. It includes most of the standard terms and conditions of employment. They must also provide all their employees with a ‘written statement of employment particulars’.

The terms and conditions for workers in Wales after the 1st of October 2013 remain unchanged. Further advice about working under the correct terms and conditions of employment is available from:

Sustainable Land Management Branch
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0300 062 2298

Sustainable Land Management Branch Address
Welsh government
Rhodfa Padarn
Llanbadarn Fawr
Ceredigion SY23 3UR


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Changes to Terms and Conditions for Agricultural Workers in the United Kingdom