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Beer and Fries at Burger King!

The fast food giant has acquired legal permission from Lambeth Council to sell alcoholic drinks. Beer with fries at Burger King Waterloo Tube Station in London anyone?

BEER AT BURGER KING: Waterloo is regarded as one of London’s busiest transport hubs.

The international restaurant chain Burger King acquired the necessary licence.

Thus, they will now be selling beer and fries in the United Kingdom along with their world famous burgers.

Many saw it as good news. Especially those who enjoy a meal at Burger King and happy to combine an alcoholic beverage with their food. Reports suggest there are more than 65 Burger King Stores in London.

The outlet at Waterloo Station can now offer its customers a beer with their ‘burger & fries’ before they head underground.

Lambeth Council granted Burger King the permission to start selling alcohol. But they also stipulated certain ground rules that the food chain must follow. Compliance with the new alcohol licencing authorization means they must serve alcoholic drinks in a cup.

Burger King Alcohol Rules

The Council also imposed several other strict rulings. The fast food outlet at Waterloo Station will face restrictions on the hours which they can sell any alcohol.

This means beer will only be available to drinkers from 11 a.m. in the morning and it cannot get sold after 8 p.m. in the evening.

The most important restriction is that any alcohol must get purchased with food. Customers must consume it ‘only’ in the premises of the restaurant.

Further stringency issued to Burger King will include:

  • Conducting staff training for selling beer and alcohol.
  • The full installation of closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV).
  • Improved and monitored supervision inside the store.

Lambeth Council imposed these extra measures to curb alcoholic hooligans from creating a disturbance. Even so, it seems they denied a licence to two other Underground Stations in the borough.

It appears that the burger giant applied to sell alcohol at their stores in Victoria and Paddington branches. But, Westminster Council denied both the applications. They cited strong opposition from a local police department.

McDonalds ‘Happy’ Not to Follow

There is a friendly rivalry between Burger King and similar fast food chains, such as McDonalds. Even so, it seems McDonalds is unlikely to follow the suit with the alcohol licence application. Well – at least for the imminent future.

Burger King becomes the first restaurant chain to be granted the permission to sell alcohol along with its food. Many hope the rules and regulations in place will create responsible drinking at London’s Waterloo Station. They want nothing more than a fast food hang out where you can grab a quick beer while you enjoy your burger and fries.


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Burger King Granted Licence to Serve Alcohol with Meals in London