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Is Protecting Newts Hampering Housebuilders?

Protecting 3 native newt species in the UK could be obstructing housebuilder jobs. That is the claim by Redrow PLC based in Flintshire.

Note: Natural England announced the 'District Level Licensing' scheme in October 2020. It will help create and restore a network of ponds and provide vital habitat across two counties - Norfolk and Suffolk.

NEWT PROTECTION: They are one of the biggest British housebuilder and construction companies.

Redrow says EU regulation is holding back planning permissions around the United Kingdom.

Protecting rare newts and other animals makes a complex planning system even more difficult.

Chief executive of the house builder Redrow said the UK has no shortage of great-crested newts.

He says the problem stems from newt shortages abroad, like Spain for example. It is stringent European rules and regulation that protects the population of these amphibians.

Developers looking to build homes in the UK must follow planning permission rules. Those laws protect native newts and other rare wildlife species. Redrow said they would welcome any change to regulations that allow for the construction of more houses.

UK Planning System Barriers

Most housing developers agree that EU regulation creates problems. But, a complicated planning system is also a huge barrier to housebuilding in the UK.

Note: Another section explains how environmental laws affect construction and developments near to

protected areas and wildlife in Britain and Northern Ireland.

The regulations are complex. Adding government cuts to the system means local authorities are even less able to deal with them.

Home Builders Federation

Is Protecting Newts Hampering Housebuilders in UK?HBF says the biggest cause of UK housing shortages is the planning system. Local authorities now control all locations for the construction of new homes since 1991.

The House Builders Federation added:

“The new planning system has minimized land allocated and released for residential development. House building levels have been unable to respond to market demand.

That has led to housing delivery being artificially suppressed for more than 25 years.”

The UK planning system makes it difficult for small to medium house builders to prosper. They struggle to handle the risks and costs associated with planning permission approvals.

The House Builders Federation say there has been a drop of 80% in small and medium housebuilders since 1988. It continues to damage their ability to innovate in this industry. That reduces their capacity to build homes and houses that Great Britain desperately needs.


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Is the Protection of British Newts Hampering the Jobs of Housebuilders in the United Kingdom?