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Rugby Six Nations Table Points System

Rugby Union Six Nations will try-out a new bonus point award system in 2017. Depending on the results of the trial they may use the rugby points system permanently.

RUGBY POINTS SYSTEM: It means there will be bonus points on offer in all three Six Nations Championships.

Kick off for the RBS Rugby 6 Nations fixtures was 4th of February 2017.

The Six Nations Council confirmed they will try the new system in:

  • The RBS 6 Nations Championship
  • Women’s Six Nations Championship
  • Under 20s Six Nations Championships

The method of awarding bonus points is only a trial experiment. It will get a full review after the Championships finish on the 18th of March. The 6 Nations scoring system encourages and rewards attacking play and try scoring.

6 Nations Rugby Table and Points System

The trial system awards competition points in all matches on this basis:

  • The Union winning any rugby Six Nations game gets 4 Match Points awarded. It will be 5 Match Points if the team scores four tries or more in that game.
  • All Unions that lose will get no Match Points but:
    • They will get 1 Match Point for scoring at least 4 tries ‘or‘ losing by a margin of seven points or less in that game.
    • They will get 2 Match Points for scoring at least 4 tries ‘and‘ losing by a margin of seven points or less in that game.
  • Two Match Points go to all Unions that draw their fixture. If either drawing team scores four tries or more in the game they get 1 extra one Match Point.
  • Any Union that wins the Grand Slam (all five of their games) get awarded an extra 3 Match Points.

Reasons for Six Nations Bonus Point System

The Chairman of the 6 Nations said they had considered introducing a bonus point system for some time. They wanted to ensure it would work within the framework of rugby rules and regulations.

Rugby Six Nations Table: New Bonus Points System Starts in 2017The trial system enhances the unique properties and format of the Six Nations Championships.

The RBS Rugby Six Nations Championships has an unparalleled structure of scoring. Any new trials must serve to improve what is already accepted and appreciated.

The 6 Nations council believe the new system is the one best suited to refine the tournament. They hope players, fans, and TV broadcasters share their delight in the new development.

The Chief Executive of Six Nations made several comments about the changes to the scoring system. He pointed out how the drama and excitement of the last weekend of the RBS 6 Nations Championship is unique.

It is often driven by several teams with equal tournament points. They all compete for the first place on the Six Nations table and eventual crowning of Rugby 6 Nations Champions.

The implementation of any bonus point system must not take away progress already made. But, it’s clear that the 6 Nations bonus point system rewards try scoring. It also encourages an attacking style of play that should deliver more tries.

In the end that means more excitement in rugby. It also means greater rewards for fans of all sports and leisure activities in the United Kingdom.


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