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NFL UK Gets a Taste of Heinz

The United Kingdom hosts several NFL fixtures each football season. This year the NFL UK Playbook will feature a roll out by Heinz Yellow Mustard.

NFL UK PLAYBOOK: The ‘official mustard sponsor’ for NFL games in the United Kingdom is Heinz Yellow Mustard.

Heinz launched an integrated marketing campaign to mark this special partnership.

They chose the creative social agency Media Bounty for the development.

The Ultimate Playbook rolls out the partnership between Heinz and NFL UK.

They used a series of creative assets designed for print, social, and for outdoor channels.

It gets supported by in-store execution in Tesco stores, spotlighting POS and shippers. The managing director at Media Bounty explained the aim of adding colour and flavour.

He said they created a series of visual assets. These merits explore the different rules and regulations of American Football.

American Football Glossary

They wanted to draw on the glossary of words used in the game. Explaining some of the lingo used in American Football terminology is not always straight forward. For example:

  • Fumble: Losing possession of the ball while running with it or getting tackled.
  • Handoff: Giving the ball to another player.
  • Touchdown: When a player in possession of the ball crosses the plane of the opponent’s goal line.

They also aligned Heinz Yellow Mustard as the ideal accompaniment for game day. After all, a friendly game of gridiron needs its hot dogs and burgers – even in Great Britain.

NFL London Games Season

There was a special boost to their marketing activity. They included a competition which will run through the NFL London games season.

Heinz Yellow Mustard adds Colour to NFL United KingdomA contest encourages NFL fans to upload their ‘ultimate play‘ to the Ultimate Playbook. It offers a chance of winning the top prize – a trip to Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis.

A senior brand manager at Heinz Yellow Mustard suggested:

“This is an exciting partnership between our mustard and the NFL in the United Kingdom. It puts Heinz Yellow Mustard as the ‘go-to condiment‘ at UK NFL games.

Thus, an NFL Playbook gets a taste of Heinz Yellow Mustard. That will squeeze out further awareness of the brand. That also adds to mustard’s fantastic taste credentials.”

London hosted 17 NFL regular season games over the last 10 years. The 2017/18 season is set to feature 4 fixtures for the first time.

It would include two games played at Wembley and two more at the Twickenham Stadium. The BBC, GamePass, Sky Sports, and BBC iPlayer will carry the television coverage. The UK expects this amount of exposure to attract audiences well above 20 million.


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Heinz Yellow Mustard adds Colour and Flavour to NFL Playbook in the United Kingdom