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New BBC iPlayer Login Rules

BBC iPlayer login information is the new rule for users from 2017. All viewers will need to log in with a personal account ID to use the BBC iPlayer television service.

TV LICENCE LOGIN: BBC ID holders must also add their postcode to existing account information.

That also means that TV Licensing will have access to the information.

Could that mean the BBC will use it for licence enforcement purposes?

They say the changes will make its services more ‘personal and more localised’.

So, what are the new rules for BBC iPlayer licence enforcement? The culture secretary introduced the new licencing changes.

The UK government plays a game of catch-up to the law. They are closing the regulation loopholes.

The result means all BBC iPlayer users will need a TV licence from 2017. It means all those who want to use the BBC iPlayer catch-up service will first need to buy a television licence.

What is BBC iPlayer Television?

It was first released by the BBC in 2007. Their online and ‘on-demand’ television and radio service is also called ‘BBC iPlayer’. It is a free Internet streaming ‘catch-up’ facility. It is available to those in the United Kingdom who have paid the licence fee.

The major advantage for the service is being available on multiple devices. That includes smart televisions, personal computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. Another bonus for watchers is the complete absence of commercial advertising on iPlayer services. That brings it in line with their individual TV programmes.

BBC Recouping Lost Revenue

The amendments of the new BBC iPlayer rules were first announced as part of a new Royal Charter. It’s viewed as a move which aims to help the BBC recoup lost revenue.

BBC iPlayer Login Rules for On-demand Television and Radio ServiceThere are suggestions they lose millions of pounds each year. It gets blamed on those viewers who took advantage of a loophole in the TV licensing login laws.

Certain unscrupulous individuals watch programs on the online catch-up service without any prior requirement.

There is no need for them to prove they had actually paid their television licence in full.

The changes in law, introduced as part of the Conservative government’s White Paper, takes effect in 2017. It means you will need a full paid TV licence to access the BBC online service.

Reasons for New BBC iPlayer Rules

The main reasons for these changes is an attempt to improve enforcement and allow BBC content to be ‘portable’. The intention is for licence fee payers to get access to the facility even while they are on holiday in Europe.

In doing so, the UK government believes there is a case for new iPlayer rules requiring users to provide verification. In simple terms, BBC iPlayer access should be conditional upon verification of licence fee payment.

In truth, there may be another reason for changes introduced to BBC iPlayer licencing laws. It could be to ban individuals from watching licence fee funded content free of charge in other countries.

Some people would also argue that anyone who has not paid the licence fee in the United Kingdom should also be refused access to the service for free.

UK Government Plans for TV Licence Verification

The method for TV licence verification is currently a subject of debate among ministers and industry experts. They were quoted as saying:

“The government will discuss verification and other options with the BBC. We will look at the best way of implementing this, including regulations if needed. Ultimately, it will be up to the BBC to determine whether this is an appropriate means of charging international viewers.”

How Will BBC Enforce iPlayer Licence?

Note: It remains unclear how the BBC will enforce the TV licence verification. No doubt all will actually will become clear when the BBC iPlayer rule changes in 2017 across the United Kingdom.


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BBC iPlayer Login Rules and Licence Enforcement in the United Kingdom