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Wheelchair MMA Fight in the UK

UK organisers and promoters are planning the world's first regulated Mixed Martial Arts competition to be fought in wheelchairs.

WHEELCHAIR MMA: The fight is being scheduled to take place in the United Kingdom. New York has now become the 50th US state to legalise MMA.

But, the controversial sport got labelled as ‘barbaric and dangerous’ by the chief executive of the UK-wide charity ‘Headway’ brain injury association.

The founder of Wheeled Warriors is Colin Wood. He aims to provide a unique training and competing opportunity for disabled combat sports fans.

It all started with boxing a few years ago. He announced the world’s first ever wheelchair MMA competition is now planned to take place in the UK.

It will operate under the guise of Modified Mixed Martial Arts Wheeled Warriors. That is MMMAWW for short.

MMA Wheeled Warrior Combat Sport

The MMA Wheeled Warrior competition is staged to involve four challengers. They are all trained in BJJ (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) and they are all paraplegic. One guy is English, there are two Americans, and the fourth competitor is Brazilian.

There have been several modifications made to the wheelchairs. The fight will feature a wheelchair that can get moved around without the use of hands.

A smaller version chairs mean that when a person gets thrown to the floor he will have less distance to go down. Other adaptations should also mean the fighters can get toppled safely out of the chair. It is a cliché but the organisers are adamant that safety is the most important thing.

Wheelchair MMA Competition Rules

A set of wheelchair mixed martial arts rules and regulations have been set up around each segment of disability. The fight rules needed some adaptation and adjustment. Some individuals are better than others at moving a wheelchair around inside a cage.

Wheelchair MMA Wheeled Warrior CompetitionThe point structure matches equally disabled people with one another. They have planned to keep grappling within the regulations.

There have been embarrassing moments in the past. In fact, one quadruple amputee fought against an upstanding MMA fighter.

Besides the MMA competition, there are future activities planned for the Wheeled Warriors. The most noticeable could be the show laid on in Rugby.

Even though wheelchair boxing will be the main event, they hope to include some people with Down’s syndrome into the affray.

The long term plan is to operate as a community interest company. The organisers are intent on ensuring that any profit from the sport goes into the pockets of the athletes who need it most.

They are looking for sponsors interested in investing money into a unique activity. It allows people with a variety of different disabilities to go professional.

The bold intentions are to ensure that athletes who are claiming benefits, or financially disadvantaged, get properly cared for.

Will Wheelchair MMA Gain Mainstream Acceptance?

The answer seems most likely to be yes! The latest combat sport to hit the United Kingdom will get accepted – in time.

The founder of UK Modified Mixed Martial Arts Wheeled Warriors wants people to realise that we need to help those guys who are keen to take part. They need a governing body to take care of their health and have their well-being considered at all times.


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Wheelchair Mixed Martial Arts Competition Planned for the United Kingdom