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F1 In-car Radio Rules Explained

Formula One in-car radio rules hit the headlines as Nico Rosberg gets penalized. Meanwhile, Mercedes teammate Hamilton races ahead at Silverstone.

F1 RADIO RULES: Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton (MBE) from Hertfordshire was not slow at delighting 130,000 home fans.

The F1 Silverstone Motor Racing Circuit Northamptonshire witnessed his 47th victory. It came in England 2016.

In fact, the Briton was clearly the most euphoric driver on the podium. He celebrated winning his third successive home British Grand Prix.

His victorious moment got cemented even further as his Mercedes team mate Nico Rosberg breached Formula One in-car radio rules. That saw his overall lead reduced to a single point.

Nico Rosberg had originally finished in runner-up spot. But, he got handed down a 10-second penalty around four hours after the race had finished.

The F1 breach of radio regulations resulted in a drop to third place for the German Rosberg. Thus, he ended up behind the teenage driver for Red Bull, Max Verstappen.

“I’m Catching Him – Let’s Keep Going”

“I’m catching him, so let’s keep going. I remember the first time that I got to stand up there with the trophy in 2008. The feeling today is as great, if not actually greater”.

Lewis Hamilton races ahead at Silverstone 2016The race began behind the safety car because of heavy rain but eventually starting at the end of the fifth lap.

Hamilton led from pole and became the first driver to win three times in a row at the Silverstone Circuit.

It was a comfortable win in the end. There were only a few anxious moments for the British Formula One racing driver. He got caught off guard by the slippery surface.

In truth, none of his rivals really threatened him hard for the victory.

As the sun shone after the race, Hamilton caught up with the cheering crowd saying: “I don’t know if you guys can be as happy as me. I’m really happy”.

Formula One Radio Rules Breach

Mercedes intend to appeal. The problem started when they advised Rosberg to avoid seventh gear. That occurred because of a car gearbox failure.

Rosberg suffered a gearbox problem five laps before the finish. He actually crossed the line 6.9 seconds behind Lewis Hamilton.

Formula One radio rules restrict teams from giving radio assistance to their drivers during the race. There are exceptions allowed for certain extreme circumstances. F1 stewards ruled that there were some instructions relayed to Rosberg that are not permitted.

The Red Bull principal cited that Formula One rules for radios are ‘pretty clear‘. He also questioned what position Rosberg might have finished if he had not received the advice by the Mercedes team. Nico Rosberg responded to questions by reporters. He said that he was confident the team had acted within the rules of F1 radio restrictions.


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F1 Radio Rules Penalise Rosberg at Silverstone, Great Britain