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No Makeup Selfie: Smoking Hot Photos

The 'selfie' is the hottest trend spreading across the UK for Charity and Cancer Research. But, what are the 'rules' for creating the hottest photo without makeup?

SELFIES GUIDE: The new charity craze of posting photo selfies and no makeup face images show no signs of slowing down.

The top social media sites of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest report online eruptions.

There is a glut of bare unpainted faces and self-photographs all over the place.

No-makeup Selfies

You cannot deny the obvious bravery and praiseworthiness of the British public. But, the best looking no makeup selfies get made up using cunning tricks and trade secrets.

Faking Natural Beauty

Take the selfie photo in bright light. The tipsters suggest using a UV health lamp such as used by SAD sufferers. Do not burn yourself or damage your eyes. But, the glowing light hides many wrinkles and blemishes that makeup usually covers.

Another trade secret is making your hair look fabulous. Make sure your locks are bouncy and flowing because the no makeup rule does not apply to hair.

If you go home from the hair salon and take the photo in bed you create the fabulous ‘just woke up and look great‘ image.

Moisturize and Tint

No Makeup Selfie: Tips for Smoking Hot PhotosSlap on the moisturizer before the photo. No foundation cream is allowed – according to the selfie rules. Mascara, lipsticks, and blusher are completely banished.

Even so, applying liberal amounts of skin lotion before bedtime will help your flattering morning photo shoot. You could glow like a beauty model.

Mascara is off-limits, but tinting your eyelashes will produce fabulous for long lashes. Try curling the lashes to make your eyes appear wider and bigger.

If you are going for an ambitious selfie, consider inking eyeliner or eyebrow tattoos. Not cheap but they certainly produce the ‘wow‘ factor from your friends.

Let the Dogs Out

What if all these tips for smoking hot photos are failing for you? We have the two final suggestions that guarantee selfie success.

You can take the selfie in the dark, we call that cheating, or you can rely on man’s best friend. Taking the selfie picture next to a cute dog or playful puppy distracts pundits from extreme critique about your #nomakeupselfie.


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No Makeup Selfie: Guidelines and Tips for Smoking Hot Photos