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10 Human Traits Dogs Hate

The simple colloquialism refers to the close relationship and loyal companionship between humans and domestic dogs. But do mutts understand human traits or hate them?

MAN’S BEST FRIEND IS HIS DOG: Conversely, is a dog’s best friend its owner?

Or, does your favourite pooch get irked and strongly dislike those annoying things you do, suffering silently and all in the name of unconditional love?

We do not profess to be experts in canine psychology. But, research suggests our 4 legged friends find a lot of human behavior quite challenging and intimidating.

Humans instinctively want to share joy, excitement, and intimacy with their closest pets – especially the four legged ones.

But, when animal lovers express their affection it often gets interpreted as something very different in good old ‘doggy’ language.

The top ten list of human traits that dogs hate might surprise many dog owners. But, you might consider whether your house pet finds your quirky behavior doggedly annoying and confusing at best.

Or is it a case that they simply ‘cannot stand what you are doing and wonder why you are doing it to them?’

1. Doggie Cosplay

Dogs may look adorable or comical dressed as Batman or wearing a Superman cape.

But let’s be honest, they rarely share our enthusiasm for cosplay activities. And nor should we expect them to!

When they set their puppy-dog eyes on the costume, it is reasonable to expect that they are already anticipating your intentions.

Dressing animals in clothes meant for humans can create unnatural stress and feelings of discomfort.

You might even cause some hearing and vision impairment. It can create a frustrating limited range of constricted motion for your slightly miffed pet pooch.

2. Why Do Dogs Hate Baths?

YouTube Funny Video [5 mins] – Click the image to watch angry dog reactions when ‘bath time’ gets announced.

Fact: Dogs do not bathe or shower daily like humans do – and they are not supposed to! Most pets abhorrently detest bathing or going anywhere near anything that looks (or smells) remotely like a bath tub.

When they hear loud rushing water and sniff the unmistakable odour of doggie shampoo, they know what is about to happen – and it peeves them intensely as a rule.

On a serious note, bathing can be traumatizing for your canine. This happens most if they were not introduced to ‘happy bath time experiences’ from a puppy

It can be fun for the animal and the owner, but make sure you are familiar with the proper way of giving dog baths.

3. Boring ‘Walkies’

One of a dog’s strongest senses is their sense of smell. They need walks for exercise and for calls of nature. But, most of all because their inborn scent impulses make them extremely curious about their surroundings.

So, tugging your pup away from the flowers, and everything else it wants to sniff, interferes with their natural inquisitiveness. In doggy land that makes for really boring dog walks.

4. Staring

The human species often conveys messages and emotions by staring. A lingering stare in dogs traits means more than a thousand words in some cases.

Pack creatures, including most domesticated dogs, use a stare to challenge or intimidate other pack members.

Staring at your dog, and particularly directly into his eyes, is likely to elicit angry barks and testing growls. This usually occurs while they try to determine your intentions.

5. Talking or Yelling

Even though animals do not talk in a human sense, they do understand certain commands and their name. Nonetheless, pets cannot comprehend your language when you are angry. Lecturing your dog for their misdemeanors is best done with clear body language and calm communication.

In pack language, yelling does mean anger but loud shouting is also interpreted as a threatening trait.

6. Lack of Rules

Pack animals function and thrive through a hierarchical system of structure and rules. Dogs need to understand and accept clear boundaries and discipline. Strictness emphasizes security in the psychology of a dog’s mind.

Enforcing strict house rules increases your control over ‘dog mess and fouling‘ situations. A lack of house rules for your pet will encourage aggression and confusion.

7. Face or Head Petting

The head is a sensitive part of the human body and for more than one reason. Most people react in some defensive way after getting grabbed around the face or head.

Dogs react similarly to touches around their head or snout.

Nonetheless, we fully accept the benefits of a gentle caress on top of the crown or a soothing scratch around the back of the ears.

When face or head petting is performed appropriately and at the right moment, it is fully enjoyable for most breeds of dog – and most breeds of owner too.

8. Dog Hugs

Dogs are not known for their hugging behavior – it’s a human thing! Hugs do not exist in their world.

They will most likely respond to your hug the same as they would if another mutt places a foreleg or paw on the back of another dog. When you hold your pet hound up close and personal, their instinct tells them that your hug is a display of dominance.

9. Treat Teasing

It is not uncommon – and yes most humans find it amusing – to hover a treat over their dog’s head. It is often a test of the animal’s discipline and powers of self control.

As a rule, you will win the test in the end. But, your pet will be as irritated by relentless treat teasing almost as much as their owners would be if the roles got reversed.

10. Forced Social Interaction

It is sad but sometimes human behavior often discourages social interaction and bonding. Consider how well different breeds mix before forcing a pet pooch to hang out with your best friend’s dog.

10 Human Traits Dogs Hate