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National Trust Dog Poo Stick and Flick Method

Dog Poo Stick and Flick Countryside Method

Most dog walkers carry a plastic bag to clean up after their dog makes a mess. But, the latest advice is not to bag up dog poo in woodland areas.

STICK AND FLICK DOG POOP: In fact, even some MPs are debating the 'hot and sticky' subject at Westminster.

Some dog walkers are causing a problem by bagging up pet poo in rural countryside areas. The Forestry Commission wants them to use a stick and flick method instead.

The idea is to brush or sweep it into the undergrowth or away from public footpaths.

The aim is to reduce the number of plastic bags left and discarded in urban areas.

The MP is campaigning for better signage. Signs placed at the entrance of open rural spaces and parks would guide dog owners in the dog poop stick and flick method.

There is no shortage of dog fouling laws in the United Kingdom. But, hanging poo-filled plastic bags from trees and bushes is now pervasive in many areas.

It is clear that we need new initiatives to tackle the problem in many rural areas. Research found local authorities in England and Wales receive around 70,000 complaints a year on dog fouling.

Poo-filled Bags Pollute the Environment

A Member of Parliament aims to stop people leaving poo-filled bags in the countryside. She say it is 'disgusting and a massive problem' that is polluting the environment.

Dog Poop Stick and Flick Countryside MethodMany people like to walk their dog in the fresh air of the rural parks and woodlands. But, reports suggest the problem has worsened in the last few years.

The number of dog poo bags hanging off trees, bushes, and railings has seen a significant increase.

Most dog owners are aware of the litter and refuse laws in the United Kingdom. Thus, they think picking it up and bagging it is the right thing to do.

The problem starts when they cannot find any bins to throw away the mess. Some people jettison the poo-bag into the undergrowth. Others will sling it over any nearby garden fence.

That kind of dog mess strategy means animals can eat it. Worse still, small children can pick them up or the canine excrement gets ridden on and spread around by cyclists.

Note: Anyone taking care of horses may know they are attracted to the smell of the cereal content in dog pooh. Horse will eat it and it can kill them! Please make sure you take a dog poop bag home or put it in a bin.

Stick and Flick Dog Poop Strategy

Dog owners must 'work with human nature'. Few will carry a messy dollop of dog poop on a two hour dog walk - and there are few rubbish bins in country forest regions.

Ministers may press for better signage at entrances to forest areas and parks. The signs would give advice and guidance for proper dog poo disposal.

The Forestry Commission backs the campaign for dog walkers to adopt a 'stick and flick' method. They suggest flicking the mess off pathways and into the undergrowth. Another solution is to cover it with leaves if you cannot find a poopstick.

Keep Britain Tidy Dog Fouling Statistics

Keep Britain Tidy is an independent environment charity based in the United Kingdom. They campaign to reduce litter and garbage.

Their estimates suggest the UK has over eight million dogs. They produce a staggering 1,000 tonnes of dog excrement every single day. Those who know best say 10 weeks' worth of dog poo weighs about the same as St Paul's Cathedral.

The Dogs Trust

The National Canine Defence League is now called The Dogs Trust in the UK. They are an animal welfare charity and humane society.

The Dogs Trust has advice for dog owners who cannot find specific doggy waste bins. They suggest disposing of dog foul in the standard public litter bins.

Note: Falling foul of the dog mess law can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice. The owner or person in charge of the animal could get a £1,000 fine if it goes to court.


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Using the Dog Poop Stick and Flick Countryside Method in the United Kingdom