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Football Penalty Rules on Spot Kick

'FIFA Law 14: Football Penalties and Soccer Shootout Rules 2018'

FIFA PENALTY KICK RULES: Football penalties govern some of most contested regulations in the game of soccer.

Penalty kicks are often controversial and heart-sinking. They are usually game-changing decisions made by football referees.

Learn about the most serious soccer infringement foul. It follows a sharp blast on the whistle by the match official.

It's usually accompanied by a stern finger pointing straight at the football penalty spot. The spot is a small white painted circle situated 11 meters out from the center of the goal posts.

Note: A penalty kick is a soccer rules infringement awarded to the offended team. It results in a direct free kick.

Laws of Football Penalty Kick

When does a referee award a penalty kick? IFAB Laws 12 and 13 outline offences and penalty rules in football. The rules govern making tackles and committing fouls inside the penalty box.

They come with the risk of being severely punished. A penalty results if a player commits a direct free kick offence inside their own penalty area or off the field.

What is IFAB? It is The International Football Association Board (The IFAB). Their mission is to serve the world of football as the independent guardian of the Laws of the Game.

The referee must decide whether a player broke the game regulation? If so, did it occur inside the penalty area?

If it did, he is almost certain to blow the whistle and award the direct shot at goal. The team will then nominate a penalty taker. He will choose his best chance of kicking and netting football penalties from the spot.

Players must take all penalties in football from a marked spot located inside the penalty box. The penalty spot is 12 yards (11 meters or 36 feet) out from the goal line.

FIFA Rulebook Football Law 14 Penalty Kick

How does the referee prepare for penalties in football? He will clarify and confirm all these points before a player takes the football penalty spot kick.

Soccer Penalty Rules: Spot Kick Infringements

FIFA Law 14: Football Penalty Rules on Spot Kick PenaltiesWhat if a defender enters the penalty area or penalty arc, after the referee blows his whistle but before the kick?

In this case the referee allows the penalty to be retaken if a goal is not scored.

What if the kicker's teammates enter the area or arc after the referee blows his whistle and before the kick? In this case the ref can:

  1. Make the team retake the penalty - even if they score a goal.
  2. Give an indirect free-kick to the defending team if they miss the penalty.

Feinting a Penalty Spot Kick

Football penalty rules allow feinting to take a penalty kick to confuse opponents. But, the referee can caution the player if he considers it to be an act of unsporting behavior.

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FIFA Penalty Rules on Football Penalties and Shootout