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New Football Association Rules 2017/18

The 2017/18 Premier League seasons sees the introduction of a handful of new football rules. Most of them make sense but some are more punishing than others.

FOOTBALL RULES KICK OFF 2017 SEASON: The new developments take place in the 2017 to 2018 football season.

This soccer season kicks off on Friday the 11th of August in 2017. That is the first major rule change introduced by the Football Association.

It also brings about the usual interchanges of new and expensive players. Football managers come – and football managers go!

The A to Z list of football teams shows 3 teams dropped out of the Premier League. Thus, 3 teams earned their promotion to play in the top flight of English football.

Even so, this article focuses on the brand new Football Association rules for the 2017/18 season. It lists 9 of the most noticeable changes and enhancements. They include the new diving bans and the so-called ‘ABBA‘ penalties.

1. Friday Night Kick Off Makes Premier League History

The 2016 Premier League season saw the introduction of Friday night football matches. But, starting on the 11th August 2017, the new season kicks off under the floodlights.

Arsenal and Leicester City will make PL history when they play at the Emirates Stadium. The opening encounter will not take place on a Saturday afternoon this year.

2. ABBA Penalty System

Old fashioned penalty shoot-outs are gone. Arsenal already have success from the new ‘ABBA‘ penalty system. They used ABBA penalties to beat Chelsea in the Community Shield on the 6th of August 2017 (4-1).

The traditional penalty shoot-out rules would see Team A take a penalty first. They would get followed by Team B, then Team A would go next, and then Team B again.

Using ‘ABBA penalties‘ is more like playing a tie-break in tennis rules. Team A would take the first penalty. Team B would then take two successive penalties. Team A would then take two more successive penalties – and so on.

There is some rationale behind the new football penalty rules change. There were suggestions that the team shooting first had an unfair advantage. Let’s see what happens!

3. Football Diving Ban

Bans for diving in football begin in the 2017/18 English soccer season. Players who dive or feign injury could face a two-match suspension. This is according to the new Football Association regulations.

New FA Rules Kick Off Premier League 2017/18 Season4. Banned Football Pitch Designs

Creative groundsmen may need to check the FIFA Football Rule Book on soccer pitches. It no longer has a place for trendy football pitch patterns and designs.

The new Premier League Rules are clear. The playing surface must contain no markings other than the traditional horizontal and white lines. This new rule follows similar regulations already implemented by UEFA.

5. New Soccer Stadiums

Three ‘first time‘ grounds host Premier League matches throughout the 2017/18 season. Tottenham Hotspur will play all their home games at Wembley Stadium. This is because White Hart Lane is getting renovated.

We will also see the Amex Stadium at Brighton and John Smith’s Stadium at Huddersfield.

6. New Premier League Ball 2017/18: Nike Ordem V

There is a new official competition match ball. The Nike Ordem V Premier League soccer ball is the preferred choice this year. Football experts describe the updated bladder as giving ‘optimal touch and feel‘.

The FA have also introduced a hi-vis version. Matches will use it in autumn when the clocks change from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time.

7. Away Fans get Closer to the Pitch

Travelling fans can support their teams closer to the pitch than before. Premier League clubs agreed to the new ruling. It allows supporters to get seated together at all stadiums. At least one block of away seats will be available pitchside.

Note: All season ticket prices will remain capped at £30 for away fans.

8. Premier League Club Numbers and Letters

Premier League clubs will use a new font. This change is the first time in 10 years. More changes apply to shirt sleeve sponsors. Clubs can only advertise brands on the left sleeve. The Premier League club badges can remain on the right sleeve.

9. Use of Video Technology in the Dugout

Video technology has been a part of football rules and regulation for many years. New rules allow VAR to get used in technical areas too. This will help to protect players better from the serious damages of concussion.

It means club doctors and physiotherapists get to see a replay of injuries from the dugout. It will be the first time they can watch replays of soccer injuries within seconds of the incident.

Football Rule Changes 2019/20

Association football introduced twelve new football rules for 2019. They include changes to handball [Law 12] along with a sterner punishment for an ‘illegal’ goal celebration.


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9 New Football Association Rules Kick Off for 2017/18 Premier League Soccer Season