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Rules and Regulations of Billiards

Billiard rules game is a popular cue sport played in England and worldwide. The British Empire popularized English billiards games in Great Britain around the 1800s.

BILLIARD RULES: Nowadays, we see many different forms of the friendly game. The modern rules of billiards games have evolved around the world.

But English Billiards rules remain one of the most popular to watch and to play. UK billiards combines the regulations of several different games into one.

The basic fundamentals of playing billiards originate from the ‘winning and losing carambole game‘.

The billiards rules UK version still gets played worldwide. But, it is the Commonwealth countries where it remains most popular.

Nowadays, more people play and watch snooker rules than billiard rules in the United Kingdom. Televised snooker games tend to be easier to understand and more entertaining to watch.

There are striking similarities between the game of billiards and standard chess rules. They are both tactical games requiring players to think about their next move or shot. Billiard players are always planning attacking and defensive moves – often at the same time.

In short, playing English billiards rules and regulations requires a tremendous amount of concentration and mental dexterity.

Billiards Rules for Beginners

Aim of Billiards

The simple aim of billiards games is to score more points than your opponent does. As a rule, players agree a score amount needed to win the game before they start to play. You pot balls and play canons or snookers to score points in billiards.

Billiards Players

English billiards rules is a cue sport played by two single players or two teams. In general it is the singles version of the game which is most popular at the professional level.

Starting a Game of Billiards

How do you start a game of billiards? As a rule players flip a coin to determine who starts the game. The player shooting first will then prepare for his first break shot. He sets the white cue ball anywhere within the D section and aims it at the red object ball.

There is also another popular method of starting a game of billiards or pool. Each players plays their cue ball in turn from the D section down the table. The aim is to bounce it back up the table so that it comes to rest in baulk.

The player with the ball resting closest to the baulk cushion may choose to break first or second. Most players would choose to play second with the advantage of having all the balls on the table.

Billiards Equipment Names

The basic equipment list to play a game of billiards must include a table, billiard balls, and two cues. As a rule you can use a full size snooker table to play billiards rules UK.

Billiards Table Size: 12 feet by 6 feet approximately (357 cm x 178 cm)

Billiard Balls: You use 3 balls in a game of billiards; one red, one yellow and one white. The size of all billiard balls must be 52.5 mm.

Billiard Cue: Players should each have a cue to strike the white cue ball. Billiard cues are usually made from fiberglass or wood.

Chalk: You need some chalk powder to chalk the cue tip. Using cue chalk ensures there is a good contact between the tip and the white ball.

General Playing Rules of Billiards

  • Billiard games use three different coloured balls. The coloured balls are one red, one yellow and one white ball. You may find some billiards rules versions using two white balls where one ball gets marked with a black dot.
  • Each player should play with their own individual cue ball and cue stick.
  • The red ball gets placed on the billiards spot. The player breaking first then places their white cue ball (or yellow) in the D and shoots his ball.
  • Players take turns to score the most points and try to win the game.
  • Players stay at the table until or unless they fail to achieve a scoring shot.
  • The opposing player can have all the balls placed back on their spots or go ahead and play his shot following a foul.

Scoring Shots in Billiards

English billiards rules and regulations has 3 different ways you can score points:

2 Points: A canon shot where the cue ball hits both other balls.

2 Points: Potting or going in off your opponent’s ball.

3 Points: Potting or going in off the red ball.

You can play any combination of these shots from one strike. But, the most you can score from one shot is 10 points.

Winning Pocket Billiards

You win a game of English Billiards rules when one player or team reaches the agreed number points. As a rule most friendly billiards games play to 300 points to declare the winner.

Advanced Billiards Rules


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