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Regulation Beer Pong Rules

Beer Pong is a fun indoor activity played in a wide range of venues. Players compete in public bars, colleges, some universities and at social house parties.

RULES ON BEER PONG: The fun popular drinking game gets played all around the world. But, some players call it Beirut.

The origins of Beer Ping Pong rules evolved from similar drinking games played at 1950s fraternities.

Dartmouth College in New Hampshire is most likely to have been the first venue for Beer Pong.

Game strategies of Beer Pong resemble those of table tennis rules in the early days. Players used bats or paddles to hit the small ball over a net fixed to the middle of the table.

Nowadays, playing Beer Pong is easier because players no longer use a tennis bat or paddle. The unofficial rules of Beer Pong are informal.

There is no official body or organisation overseeing its regulation. Even so, official rules govern The World Series of Beer Pong (WSOBP Rules) championship.

It’s a fun and lively drinking game requiring some luck and a surprising amount of skill. But, the game usually involves the drinking of alcohol. Players should only play Beer Pong games with alcohol if they meet the legal drinking age requirements.

Beer Pong House Rules

Aim of Playing Beer Pong Game

The fun game of Beer Pong consists of two opposing teams. Players try to throw a ping pong ball across a table aiming to land it in a cup of beer on the opposite side of the table. A team would win the game when they have eliminated all the cups of their opponent.

Beer Pong Regulations on Players

As a rule there will be 4 people playing a Beer Ping Pong match, two players per team. You can play for fun as a one-on-one format.

Beer Pong Regulation Table and Equipment

The equipment needed to play Beer Pong is minimal. You need a suitable table, some beer cups (plastic or disposable) and a few ping pong balls.

You should place 10 or 15 cups to make an equilateral triangle on each side of the table. Fill all the cups with equal amounts of beer or alcohol.

As a rule you use an extra wash cup filled with water to rinse the ping pong ball between each throw.

The Official Beer Pong Rules and regulations UK do not stipulate what type of beer the players must use.

But, the alcohol by volume (ABV) is usually set between 3% and 5% because of the large amounts consumed.

Those who enjoy crazy or weird outlandish sports may use spirits instead of beer. Even so, you can also play the game with soft drinks or water for an alcohol free version of Beer Pong.

General Playing Rules on Beer Pong

  • The first step is deciding the team members and choosing who will play first. Generally, a quick game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ or a simple coin toss will suffice.
  • Players must arrange a triangle of cups with the single cup furthest away from them as shown in the diagram.
  • Pour an agreed amount of alcohol, beer or other kind of drink into each cup. An extra cup of clean water should be available so teams can rinse the ping pong ball.
  • The team throwing first throws the ping pong ball towards their opponents’ beer cups.
  • Landing a ball in your opponent’s cup means one of their team members must drink the fluid contents of that cup. That cup is then removed from the game.
  • Teams continue taking turns until one team eliminates all the cups of their opponents.
  • Players can shoot underarm or overarm in the simple Beer Pong rules UK version. You can also try to bounce the ball into a cup.
  • All players should drink responsibly when playing Beer Pong rules and regulations.

Note: Beer Pong is a game that often combines alcohol and students. Getting drunk is sometimes seen as the game’s objective by many. As a rule, good players drink less. It is not uncommon for some players to play poorly on purpose so they get to drink more alcohol.

Scoring in Beer Pong Regulations

Players do not keep a point score in Beer Pong like other games such as in the rules of table tennis. But, there is a particular form of scoring system in Beer Pong.

Both teams start the game with either 10 or 15 cups. That means it is possible to see who is in the lead. It is the team with the most cups still on the table. So both teams will try to reduce their opponent’s score to zero as quickly as possible.

Winning Beer Pong Game and Shutout

Successfully eliminating all your opponents’ cups means you win the game of Beer Pong. A tied Beer Pong game occurs if both teams remove the final cup on their final throw. In this case, extra time gets played with 3 re racked cups.

The winner is the first team to eliminate all three re racked cups. You may need to play further rounds of overtime if further draws occur until you get a clear winner.

A Beer Pong shutout happens when a team completely whitewashes their opponents. It means they eliminated all their opponents’ cups and lost none of their own.

In this case the winning team can propose a dare for the losing team to perform. It us usually something embarrassing and often involves nudity or large amounts of alcohol.


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