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Court Size and Line Markings

Badminton Court Size, Net Height, and Markings

The official court rules in badminton govern indoor playing surfaces. That is because bad weather can affect the movement of the equipment if playing outside.

BADMINTON COURT RULES: This section is a regulations list of court size, court lines, and boundary markings.

It is reasonable to accept that playing in wind and rain can be a problem. Doing so can interrupt the natural flight of the feather-weight cork shuttle.

That is why all competitive badminton matches take place on a regulated court. Players must use an indoor playing surface for all professional or elite tournaments.

Badminton court rules provide governance on the minimum equipment needed for a game.

There must be a net and two upright posts fixed on the court to play a competitive match. The official height of a fixed badminton net is lower than in volleyball rules. But the badminton net height is higher than nets in tennis regulations.

Check out these badminton court rules and regulations for net size and width. Take a look at the diagram below showing badminton court dimensions in meters. It will help you to set up a badminton playing surface for games in the United Kingdom.

Note: The BWF official badminton rules do not govern a friendly outdoor fun game in a garden or at the beach.

Badminton Court Size, Line, and Markings DiagramShuttle Badminton Net Height

  1. A badminton net should always be in the center of the court.
  2. The net divides the pitch into two equal halves each side.
  3. Stretch the net tightly (not slack) between two posts fixed at the edge of the court.
  4. Badminton net size should be five feet high from the ground (approximately 1.52 meters).
  5. The net should divide the two halves throughout the complete court width.
  6. Painted or marked badminton court lines should be clear and visible.
  7. All badminton court lines should be the same color (white as a rule).

Badminton Court Rules for Line Markings

The badminton lines often confuse many beginners. Badminton court lines are also called side tramlines. So standard badminton court markings cater for singles and doubles matches.

Note: Badminton court size dimensions differ for paired players. The line marking measures out bigger and wider doubles rules games.

Badminton Court Size in Feet and Meters

What is the badminton court size in square feet? BWF court rules say it must measure 44 feet by 17 feet wide for a single's game (approximately 13.4 x 5.2 meters). Whereas a double's game gets played on a court sized 44 feet by 20 feet wide (approximately 13.4 x 6.3 meters).

The playing surface should have two sets of side lines. The inner badminton court measurement gets used in single rules competitions. Whereas, a game of doubles would get played using the outermost side lines.

Simply stated, the outer side lines are in play for doubles only and therefore out of play for singles games.

Three more visible badminton court lines get used for boundary control. They come into play when you are serving the shuttle to your opponent. These lines only apply for serving the shuttle and are not related to individual rallies.

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Badminton Court Size and Net Height with Boundary Line Markings