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Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling Rules and Regulations

You need power, brute strength, and strong arm leverage to compete in the rules of arm wrestling UK. This guide summarizes hand wrestling rules according to the British Armwrestling Federation.

RULES OF ARM WRESTLING UK: You may not need to know the official arm wrestle rules for a friendly challenge.

But, all professionals need to understand the international arm wrestling rules and regulations. It is necessary if you want to compete in official international competitions.

That is how you avoid an immediate disqualification from the game. The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) governs professional tournaments.

Many believe that 2000 B.C. is roughly when the sport of arm wrestling first started.

Images and pictures depicting arm wrestling competitions on ancient Egyptian tombs tend to add weight to the claim.

In more recent times, in fact only a few hundreds of years ago, Native Americans also held serious arm wrestling competitions.

The modern sport of professional arm wrestling became more widespread from the 1960s. Its popularization occurred in local taverns and at carnivals. Even today, it is not uncommon in fairgrounds around the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Official Arm Wrestling Rules and Regulations GuideRules of Arm Wrestling

Object of Arm Wrestling Sport

The aim of arm wrestling is to overpower your challenger in a physical strong-man dual. The result shows who has the most arm and wrist leverage.

Hand wrestlers achieve this by using their arm, wrist, and shoulder. It is a powerful display of strength, leverage, and technique on top of a table. Each competitor attempts to force their opponent's arm down to strike or touch a table to win the contest.

Arm Wrestle Rules for Challengers

Arm Wrestling Rules and Regulations UKThe official rules and regulations of arm wrestling competitions allow two individual challengers.

They face each other sitting (or standing) opposite to each other. There is a table positioned mid-way between them.

Both challengers place one elbow 'firmly' on the table gripping the other's hand.

Arm Wrestling Equipment Specifications

Clothing Requirements in Arm Wrestling

General Rules to Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling Fouls

There are no warnings given in competitive arm wrestling (i.e. for false starts and most fouls). You will get disqualified from the match if you commit three fouls. The most common fouls in arm wrestling include:

Arm Wrestling Competitor Divisions

Arm Wrestling Moves and Techniques

Arm Wrestling consists of three basic moves and techniques:

Referee in Arm Wrestling

Note: You should never stop arm wrestling until or unless a referee stops the competition.

The referee calls and announces any fouls committed. Do not assume any decisions by yourself. The tournament referee can stop the match immediately, and rule it as a foul. This can occur if either player is in a position such that their arm could break or get seriously damaged.

Referees also have the authority to give a disciplinary foul for or any unsportsmanlike conduct. All decisions made by the match officials are final. Violent or poor conduct can also result in removal from the event and forfeiture of any placements or awards.

How to Win an Arm Wrestle Contest

As a rule, the best-out-of-three matches is the winner. There is usually a 60-second rest between each of the three pulls. Winning is most commonly achieved by:

Advanced Arm Wrestling Regulations


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