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Arm Wrestling in Hinckley Leicester

Arm Wrestlers Wanted! Who has the strongest leverage in Leicester? It may not be Leicester City Football Club.

ARM WRESTLING CLUBS UK: The best answer may be at the new arm wrestling club opened in Hinckley.

The new venue for arm wrestling in Hinckley was set up by ex-national amateur champion Ben White. Anyone looking to improve their physical strength and overall endurance is welcome to join.

Contact the team at the latest arm wrestling club to hit the market town of Hinckley in southwest Leicestershire, England.

What is Arm Wrestling?

Arm wrestling is a strong-man competition between two people, usually men. But, ladies also compete. That settles any hints of arguments about which gender has the strongest arm leverage and whose resistance technique is better.

Two lean and muscle toned brutes sit opposite each other and place one elbow firmly on a table positioned mid-way between them.

When the two arm wrestlers grip the other’s hand, each competitor attempts to force their opponent’s arm down to strike the table and win the match.

Hinckley Hammers Armwrestling Club

If you have an interested to become an arm wrestler, or one of those gym buff types, they welcome anyone to join. This is a real opportunity for you to get to grips with the strength and leverage sports activities at the new arm wrestling club in Hinckley.

Ex-national amateur champion ‘Ben White’ set up the Hinckley Hammers Armwrestling Club. It followed his success of winning the British New Year Cup in 2009. He is offering free training and the prospect of chancing your arm in regional and national competitions.

Ben went on to comment; “I set up the club to see if there was an interest locally. There’s not actually many arm wrestling clubs in the United Kingdom. The sport is not widely recognised and it is very misunderstood.

We follow the safety rules and regulations of the British Arm Wrestling Federation. We are able to get men and women involved in competitions around Great Britain at novice and professional levels. You could even have a chance of winning trophies and titles throughout the year.”

Free Arm Wrestling Lessons

Arm Wrestling Clubs UKHinckley Hammers is offering free training sessions every Wednesday and Sunday. The only cost you may incur is registering for a competition. They are hoping to compete in professional competitions soon.

They believe arm wrestling is a fun way to get strong and meet like-minded arm wrestlers in friendly atmosphere – even at competition time.

The training involves a lot of pulling work. The focus gets based on strengthening your arms and tendons. Lifting heavy weights in the gym is not suffice by itself.

Arm wrestling uses many body muscles – not only arms and hands. But the best way to train for competitions is by practicing an arm wrestle.

Joining the Birmingham Wrestling Club

Hinckley Hammer Armwrestling club joins the Birmingham Bullets every two weeks to practice. They are often headed by multiple British champion Craig Sanders.

You can also visit the hammers at They have more information about the arm wrestling club in southwest Leicestershire, England.


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Arm Wrestling Clubs UK: Hinckley Hammers Armwrestling Club Opens in Leicester