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Writing Rules in English

'FREE Online Guide to English Usage Rules: That's a Novel Idea!'

ENGLISH WRITING RULES: There is no substitute for good writing and knowing how to write like an expert. This free guide will help you compose with skillful authority and correctness.

Learn to write business communication letters, resumes, and emails with emphasis and clarity. Writers of all levels can improve literacy by following these basic rules of writing.

Readers view effective writing, notable by perfect punctuation, as a mark of professionalism. Accuracy is distinctive of an educated communicator.

Your mastery of word use will advance fourfold by following these basic writing tips. The step by step guide in grammar rules is certain to help you excel in all areas of common writing. Read through this list of superior writing techniques and skills. It offers you an opportunity to communicate like accomplished authors of fact and fiction.

Effective Writing Guide

Acronyms Tips for WritingAcronyms

ACRONYM RULES OF USE: Learn how to punctuate and capitalize familiar acronyms and initialisms which are used in writing for abbreviation and clarity, as a rule. You should use acronyms and other shortened phrases cautiously and correctly when you write to communicate because misuse of an acronym or initialism is more likely to confuse than clarify.

Books and Novels TipsBooks

WRITING TIPS FOR AUTHORS: UK child book rules and law restrictions apply to authorial dummies as much as professional writers and illustrators. When writing children's books and publications, you must follow a set of rules and restrictions that cover the full library from baby pictorials to teenage novels.

Bullet Points Grammar GuideBullet Points

HOW TO WRITE BULLET POINTS: What are the best practices for writing bullet points? Short is the new long! Let's explain how to write and punctuate a bulleted list with clarity and brevity.

Business Plan GuideBusiness Plans

HOW TO WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN: A professionally written business plan is a well-researched essential document and tool. The guide explains how to write a professional business plan and outlines the main goals and benefits of business planning.

Email Etiquette and Tips iconEmails

EMAIL WRITING TIPS: Ten important yet simple rules of proper email etiquette will improve your communication in business and help to reflect the friendliness and literacy in your overall writing skills - learn the dos and don'ts of writing emails.

Numbers and Numerals Tips iconNumbers

SPELLING NUMBERS AS WORDS: Authors and professional writers can count on these tips to figure out the written rules of using a large number or a numeral. These key guidelines for writing numbers, and rules for numerals, will help you learn how and when to express whole numbers and when to spell them in your business writing.

Creating a Strong PasswordPasswords

STRONG PASSWORD GUIDELINES: Follow these simple tips and tricks and learn how to protect all your sensitive email, website, and banking accounts by creating a secure password and username. This guide explains the two basic password rules for generating unique and strong passphrase protection.

Rules for Writing Transitional Words and Phrases GuideTransition Words

RULES FOR TRANSITIONAL WORDS AND PHRASES: Writers can use transitional words and phrases like road signs. Writing good connecting words helps to guide the reader through your essay. It often creates a powerful link between two separate ideas. A smooth and emphatic transition makes a passage easier to understand.

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