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Work Tools

Baggage Regulations for Work Tools

Airport security regulations are strict when you fly in and out of the United Kingdom. Use this guide to check whether your airline lets you bring working tools and portable power machinery on the plane in your hand luggage.

BAGGAGE ALLOWANCES WORK TOOLS: In some cases, work and power tools can only go in the hold when you take a plane journey in or out of the United Kingdom.

It would be unusual for airline passengers to take work tools and portable power machines on a plane.

As a rule the table shows the standard regulation for carrying work tools onto a plane. But you should always check with your airline if you are unsure.

Work Tools and Equipment

Work Tools and Power Machine Allowed in Hand Luggage? Allowed in Hold Luggage?
Tools with Blade or Shaft Longer than 6cm (e.g. chisel) No Yes
Drills and Drill Bits No Yes
Stanley Knife No Yes
Saw (including portable power saw) No Yes
Screwdriver No Yes
Hammer No Yes
Pliers No Yes
Wrench or Spanner No Yes
Bolt Gun or Nail Gun No Yes
Crowbar No Yes
Blowtorch No Yes
Flight Luggage Restrictions on Work Tools and Power Equipment; UK Rules Updated 2017