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Luggage Restrictions on Chemicals

Airport security regulations are strict when flying in and out of the UK. Check which airline restrictions apply to chemicals and toxic substances in hand luggage.

Flight Regulations for Chemical Substances

As a rule each airline formulates their own list of prohibited items.

But, there are certain dangerous items which may not get taken onto a plane in any circumstance.

Use this guide to check which chemical items and toxic substances are not permitted as hand baggage.

The items in the list cannot go as hold luggage either when taking a plane flight in or out of the United Kingdom.

Chemicals and Toxic Substances

Flight passengers are not permitted to take any of these items as hand luggage or in the airplane cargo hold:

  • Oxidizers and organic peroxides, including bleach and car body repair kits
  • Acids and alkalis (e.g. ‘wet’ batteries which may spill)
  • Corrosives or bleaching agents (including mercury and chlorine)
  • Vehicle batteries and fuel systems
  • Self defence or disabling sprays (such as mace or pepper spray)
  • Radioactive materials (including medicinal or commercial isotopes)
  • Poisons or toxic substances (e.g. rat poison)
  • Biological hazards (infected blood, bacteria, viruses)
  • Materials that could spontaneously combust (burst into flames)
  • Fire extinguishers

*Always check with your airline in advance of flying.

Baggage Regulations for Chemicals and Toxic Substances in the United Kingdom