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UK Flight Restrictions on Electronics

Check out the current flight restrictions on electrical items and electronic devices. This guide clarifies the rules for electricals in hand luggage.

ELECTRONIC DEVICE RESTRICTIONS: It is always best to check that consumer electronic devices are ‘fully’ charged before you fly to and from the United Kingdom.

Flight safety staff are likely to request that you turn on the electrical item. Thus, you can get banned from taking any electrical devices or electronic items onto the aircraft if the appliance does not switch on.

Batteries for Consumer Electronics

Flight restrictions exist on lithium batteries and some types of power cells.

The design and manufacture get used to energize devices. Examples include mobile phones, personal computers, laptops, and cameras. Always check the current rules and regulations with your airline before you travel.

Cameras and Camera Equipment

As a rule, you can take camera equipment in carry on luggage and inside the hold compartment. But, there may be some restrictions on specialist camera equipment (e.g. professional video cameras).

Gas Powered Hair Straighteners

The rules allow hair curlers containing a gas cartridge to go inside checked-in or hand luggage. That is providing the safety cover is in place at all times. But, you must not take separate gas cartridges on board.

UK Flight Ban on Electronic Devices (updated)

Authorities in the United Kingdom announced new flight regulations prohibiting some electronic devices. Large electronic appliances got banned from carry-on baggage on selected passenger flights.

Electronic Devices and Electricals

Electronic Item and Electrical Goods Allowed Electrical Items in Hand Luggage Allowed Electrical Items in Hold Luggage
Mobile Phone Yes Yes
Laptop Yes Yes
Tablet Devices Yes Yes
MP3 Player Yes Yes
Hairdryer or Hair Straighteners Yes Yes
Camera and Camera Equipment Yes Yes
Travel Iron Yes Yes
Electric Shaver Yes Yes
E-cigarettes Yes No

Important: Another section explains battery collection responsibilities for retailers and distributors in the United Kingdom.

Flights from Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia to UK

The UK flight ban on electronic devices affects those that measure larger than 16 cm long, 9.3 cm wide or 1.5cm deep. Since March 25th 2017 they will need placing inside your hold luggage and get checked through.

Note: You will be able to take an iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge, LG G3 or Sony Xperia Z2 in your hand luggage.

Electronic Accessories on Planes

You must also make sure that the size of these electrical accessories do not exceed the size limit:

  • External hard drives
  • Keyboards
  • Power supplies and transformers

If any of these accessories or devices exceed the measurement restrictions you will not be able to take them in hand luggage. This rules applies even if you bought them at the airport (e.g. at a duty free shop).

You can take many other kinds of accessories in your hand luggage (e.g. headphones). These rules also apply to connecting flights via these particular countries. You must follow these restrictions even if your journey started elsewhere.

Note: You cannot take any spare batteries or portable power sources in your hand or hold luggage if they’re larger than these measurements and could be used with a phone, laptop, tablet, or e-reader.

Flight Regulations on Electronic Items and Electricals in the United Kingdom