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Report a Dead or Injured Animal UK

This guide explains how to report a dead or injured animal in the United Kingdom. The information also includes the process for reporting a domestic pet found on the road.

REPORTING A CAR ACCIDENT WITH AN ANIMAL: The type of animal determines what you need to do.

The process of reporting a car accident with an animal also differs if you were involved in the accident.

Note: You must stop and report an accident with certain animals to the police. They include car accidents with:

  • Dogs
  • Horses, donkeys, and mules
  • Pigs, goats, sheep, and cattle (e.g. cows)

Note: You must contact the police to make the report without delay no matter whether the animal gets killed or not.

Reporting a Dead Animal to the Council

You can contact your local council to report any dead animals found on the road. The process applies to domestic pets such as cats and dogs as well as most wild animals such as badgers and foxes.

How to Report an Injured Animal

You should report an injured animal to the RSPCA in England or Wales. There are different contacts and phone numbers for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
Telephone: 0300 1234 999

Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA)
Telephone: 03000 999 999

Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA)
Telephone: 028 3025 1000

Note: You can report dogs worrying sheep and livestock to the local police if the owners do not have full control of their animals.

Report a Pesticide Poisoning

The Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme deal with animal poisonings. Call the WIIS if you think an animal got poisoned by pesticides.

Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme
Telephone: 0800 321 600

Report a Stranded Whale or Dolphin

Time is critical if you find any stranded sea creature at the shoreline. You should report a stranded whale or dolphin without delay. Call the Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme (CSIP) hotline immediately.

If the Whale or Dolphin is Alive

CSIP Stranded Whale or Dolphin Hotline
Telephone: 0800 652 0333
Information on phone call charges.

Give CSIP as much information about the incident as possible. They will need to know the location and condition of the animal.

Whales and dolphins have a powerful tail which can cause an injury during a rescue attempt. Use extra caution near stranded whales or dolphins.

If the Whale or Dolphin is Dead

Call the CSIP helpline even if you think the whale or dolphin is dead. Tell them where you found the dead animal. There is a risk of disease transmission from contact with all dead animals. Avoid physical contact with any dead animal unless you have adequate protective clothing.

Note: It is always best to wear thick rubber gloves if you handle any wildlife animals – living or dead!

Reporting Dead or Injured Animals in the United Kingdom