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Getting Compensation in the UK

There are many different reasons why citizens make a claim for compensation. This section explains how to get a financial reward for a loss, damage caused, or for an injury suffered. This section also deals with the complexities of claiming compensation for victims of terrorist attacks abroad. As a rule, restitution would apply to UK residents with injuries caused by violent crime in another country.

Claiming Compensation: As a rule, it results in an indemnity given or received as a recompense.

Being compensated is often meant to be an ‘equivalent’ or a replacement.

It can be an award for a lack of services, a debt, or as a result of personal suffering.

Motoring results in one of the most common claims for redress in the United Kingdom. Taking legal action has become the norm to get compensation after an accident or injury.

Claiming reimbursements after car accidents usually become even more complex. As a victim of uninsured or hit and run drivers you would need expert advice to get compensated.

The victims of a violent crime make one of the most needy claims for financial compensation. It is important to know your legal rights and follow UK legislation in cases such as these.

Compensation for Victims of Crime Abroad

Compensation rules and schemes differ depending on where in the world the crime took place. Contact the British embassy, high commission, or consulate for help outside the EU. But, if the crime happened in a European Union country you should contact:

EU Compensation Assistance Team
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 0300 003 3601

TERRORIST ACTS: Find out how to claim compensation for victims of terrorism abroad of the United Kingdom. Check the eligibility criteria and a list of recent acts of terrorism covered.

Claiming Costs and Compensation in the UK

Compensation after an Accident

Personal Injury Claims

There are several ways to get compensation after an accident or an injury. Check out the different options available and the pitfalls for each method.

Road Hazards

Did you get injured because of a hazard on the road or the pavement? Check to see if the local council will pay compensation for injuries caused by roads or pavements.

Compensation for Victims of Uninsured Drivers

Special compensation regulations apply to injuries and damaged property from a hit and run or uninsured driver. Contact the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to check what you can claim for and deadlines for claiming.

Compensation for Victims of Violent Crime

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority handles serious injury compensation claims. Learn how to claim compensation if you were the victim of a violent crime in the UK.

Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal

There is a set process for appealing Criminal Injuries Compensation decision. Find out how to appeal a CICA decision if they refused to pay compensation for a violent crime.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Being forced to work in unfair working conditions means you can claim compensation. The same applies to victims with injuries caused by modern slavery and human trafficking.

How to Claim Compensation in the United Kingdom