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Religious Ceremonies UK Explained

There are several different types of religious ceremonies that take place in the United Kingdom. Check where and when you can hold a religious ceremony as part of a marriage or civil partnership.

RELIGIOUS WEDDINGS: You can have a religious wedding at a church or a chapel.

Certain other registered religious buildings also provide a fitting venue for marriage and civil partnerships.

Note: A religious blessing can also take place following a civil ceremony at a register office.

Same Sex Couples

As a same sex couple, you cannot get married in an Anglican Church in the United Kingdom. But, same sex couples can get married in certain other types religious buildings providing:

  • The religious organisation allows for a marriage of same sex couples to take place.
  • The premises has a registration that allows the marriage of same sex couples to go ahead.

Anglican Marriages

Anglican churches are popular settings for British nationals to get married inside. If you are planning an Anglican marriage you can search for local churches in England or find a church in Wales.

As a rule, there is no need for giving notice at the register office if you are getting married in an Anglican church and both partners are:

  • British citizens
  • From the European Economic Area (or Switzerland)

The officials who perform the Anglican marriage would carry out the registration of the marriage instead of the register office.

Note: Other circumstances mean you would need to give notice at a register office. A typical example would be if either partner is from outside of the EEA or Switzerland.

Jewish and Quaker Marriages

You would need to give notice with the register office at least 28 days before this type of religious ceremony can take place. Following that, the officials who perform Jewish or Quaker marriages would register the marriage.

Non-Anglican Christian Marriages (and other religions)

A notice of at least 28 days is also required for these types of religious ceremonies. There are several authorised officials who can register the marriage. They include ministers and priests of other religions.

You would need to give notice at one of the ‘designated register offices‘ if either you or your partner are from one of the countries outside of the EEA or from Switzerland.

Religious Ceremonies in the United Kingdom