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Passport Application and Renewal for Disabled

Passport Services for Disabled People

Applying for a first passport, or renewing it, can be a challenge for people with a disability. But, you can use free facilities and passport services if you are disabled or blind.

What if You are Unable to Sign the Form?

Certain disabilities may mean you cannot sign the passport application form yourself. For example if you have learning difficulties or you are unable to write.

In this case, another person can sign the form on your behalf. It can be a family relative, a doctor, or a social services officer.

Whoever signs the declaration should give an explanation of why you are unable to sign (both):

What if Your Child is Unable to Sign their Form?

As a rule, children from the age of 12 and up to 15 would sign the passport application form themselves. But, if your child cannot sign the form you should:

Note: There will be a special wording in the passport where the signature would have been. Instead, it will state that 'The holder is not required to sign'.

Unable to Meet Passport Photo Requirements

The United Kingdom has specific passport photo rules for size, format, and quality. But, having a disability may mean you are unable to meet all the passport photo requirements. In this case, you should:

Unable to Attend Identity Interview (first adult passport)

After applying for a first adult passport you may get asked to attend an identity interview. But, if a physical or a mental condition means you cannot go, you should:

Wheelchair Access Facilities

Passport Identity Interview Offices

You can check online to see what facilities the passport identity interview offices have for disabled people. You will need to enter your postcode to check the offices near your location.

Passport Customer Service Centres

All seven UK Passport Customer Service Centres provide wheelchair access. Many of them also have special toilet facilities for disabled customers. If not, the staff at the other offices will escort you to an appropriate toilet in the building.

Passport Application for Deaf People (or hard of hearing)

If you make a visit to any of the Passport Customer Service Centres they will have:

Note: You should contact the Passport Adviceline if you need help with an application. They will help you to book an appointment at a Customer Service Centre.

Passport Application for Blind Person (or partially sighted)

There is a guidance booklet to help with passport applications. This booklet is also available in several different formats for blind people or partially sighted. Contact the Passport Adviceline if you need a version in:

Blind people can apply for a passport over the telephone. Staff fill in the application form using the information you give to them. They will then post the form to you so you can check it and sign it. You should then return it with the right documents, your passport photos, and the payment.

Apply by telephone if you are blind (or partially sighted):

Telephone: 0800 138 8808
Check the cost of making the call.

Braille Sticker on Passport

HM Passport Office issue all passports in the United Kingdom. They can attach a sticker to a new passport stating the word 'passport' in Braille. Thus, use the application form to request the UK Braille sticker passport.

Note: Blind people can also get a sticker for a current passport by contacting the nearest Passport Customer Service Centre.

Passport Renewal for Disabled People in the United Kingdom