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UK Asylum Rules, Process, and Support

A guide that explains the complex asylum rules and regulations needs to be simple to follow. These basic asylum law guidelines will help displaced persons understand the support process. International law provides people the right to claim asylum. The laws obligate governments to provide protection for people meeting asylum criteria. The United Kingdom has also signed these international laws into legislation.

Asylum Rules UK: So, what is the definition of an asylum seeker? As a rule, it is a political refugee who has left their home country and seeks safety and refuge in another country.

Asylum seekers are seeking protection from fear and perceived danger.

But, to be a valid claim, asylum seekers must show a necessity to avoid persecution in their home country.

Reasons for the oppression can include a person’s race, nationality, or religion. It can even be for their political opinion or membership in a specific social group.

Being persecuted in their own country is the main reason for fleeing abroad to another. Asking for permission to stay in a new country is ‘seeking asylum‘. Sanctioning that request is ‘granting asylum‘.

The first step in the process is asking for asylum in the United Kingdom. Following that, each asylum seeker must then wait for a decision on their claim. A ‘displaced person‘ becomes a refugee if they get a positive decision on their request for asylum.

Some asylum seekers may choose to enter illegally into the United Kingdom. Even so, a displaced person is no longer considered ‘illegal‘ after they apply for asylum. They then get entitlement to stay in this country while awaiting a decision on their claim of asylum.

Note: This information is a general guide on asylum law and processes for support. The United Kingdom asylum rules and regulations change on a regular basis. You should contact a legal adviser before making any decisions.

United Kingdom Asylum Law Guidelines

The categories below list the benefits that asylum seekers get in the United Kingdom. Click through to further sections for the different processes related to claiming asylum.

Apply for Asylum in the UK

A section with all the answers to questions about claiming asylum in the United Kingdom. Read on if you want to know how to apply for asylum and stay as a refugee.

Asylum Helplines

The call centers provide free and independent advice for asylum applicants and refugees. Find a list of asylum helpline telephone numbers and opening hours.

Asylum Screening Centres

All asylum seekers get screened at an assigned screening unit in the United Kingdom. Displaced persons can find out how to make an appointment and where to go.

Asylum Support

The NASS handles support for people seeking asylum in the United Kingdom. Find out how how to apply for asylum support while waiting to find out if you get accepted.

Law for Asylum Seekers in the United Kingdom