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How to Rent Checklist PDF

The 'How to Rent' guide is for those who are planning to rent a property. Most of the checklist applies even if you are renting in a shared property. But, your rights and responsibilities vary in some situations.

AST : The most common type of tenancy agreement is ‘assured shorthold tenancy’.

Renting out a property means the landlord and tenant enter a contractual arrangement.
The contract gives all parties some important rights. But it also means you both have some responsibilities to follow.

Reading through the ‘How to Rent Guide 2022’ will help you understand which questions to ask. You will also learn what your rights are and how to keep up your responsibilities.

The tenant checklist should help you create a positive relationship with your landlord. But, you can also find out where to get help if things do not run smoothly.

The digital pdf version contains Internet links. That means you can click on the links to get extra information.

Note: Your local library services may be able to help if you do not have Internet access.

How to Rent Guide 2022 (Portable Document Format)

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How to Rent Guide PDF: Checklist for Renting in England and Wales