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Landlord-Tenant Laws UK

All landlords and tenants should be aware of the legal landlord and tenant obligations. UK renting laws protect all parties involved.

The information in this section focuses on landlord responsibilities and the tenant evictions process in the United Kingdom.

LANDLORD & TENANT RENTAL LAWS: You should never take the law into your own hands no matter what the circumstances.

UK landlords who rent rooms to tenants must follow strict rules of conduct regarding the tenancy agreement.

Legislation also applies to the deposit protection scheme and the time for evicting the occupiers from the property.

Following the Home Office announcement, new rules now apply for anyone renting out a room to tenants in England.

That means landlords need to check the legality of a tenant’s or lodger’s eligibility for renting a property or a room from their residence.

Landlord Rules and Guidelines

Deposit Schemes

Are you renting a home on an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) that started after 6th of April 2007? If so, your landlord must secure your deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Important: The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government announced a package of measures aimed at protecting renters and landlords affected by coronavirus. As a result, emergency legislation will place a complete ban on evictions (for a period of at least three months) and extra protection for renters.

Evicting Tenants

Tenant Eviction

The guide explains the eviction process and how long it takes to evict a private tenant in England or Wales. You can find current information for landlords on the tenant eviction process.

Accelerated Possession

What are accelerated possession orders and how to use them? The guide explains all about private tenant eviction using the accelerated possession procedure.

Illegal Evictions and Harassment

What exactly is harassment by a private landlord? Find out in this simple guide with further advice about dealing with illegal evictions and your rights as a tenant.

Possession Hearings

County court possession hearings and orders get used in the eviction of a tenant. So, the judge decides whether to make a court order or to set a hearing date.

Section 21 & Section 8 Notices

Landlords can evict tenants who have an assured shorthold tenancy by using a Section 21 or Section 8 notice. Find information on the two methods of giving a tenant notice to quit.

Tenants’ Belongings

A tenant leaves some possessions behind after the tenure has ended. It happens! But, as their ex landlord what should you do with tenants belongings after eviction and can you sell them?

Park (Mobile) Homes

Information covered in the section explains UK park homes rules and regulations as well as your rights and obligations as a mobile home owner or occupier.

Renting Out a Property

Find out ‘How to Rent‘ out your property in England and Wales. You can also get detailed information on landlord responsibilities when renting out a property.

Note: Anyone who is new to renting out a property can learn more about taxes for landlords from an independent qualified accountancy practice (Reed & Co. Accountants).

Right to Manage (RTM)

Property leaseholders have the statutory right to take over the management of a building by setting up a Right to Manage company in the United Kingdom.

Tenancy Agreements

The information in the guide about tenancy agreements is a resource meant for landlords who rent out properties in England and Wales.

Note: Landlords and tenants should be aware of the new electrical safety rules to avoid a potential fine of £30,000.

Tenant Right to Rental

Tenant Right to Rent Scheme

The Immigration Act 2014 introduced the tenant right to rental rules in England. Landlords, and anyone subletting, must now perform basic document checks on new adult tenants.

Penalties for Illegal Renting

You can get civil penalties for illegally renting a property to anyone who does not have the right to rent in the UK. Find out what happens if you become under suspicion of renting a house or room illegally?

Rent a Room Scheme

Check out the rule guide for renting out a room in your home. It includes important information on the Rent a Room Scheme in the United Kingdom.

Landlord Rules and Tenant Rental Laws in United Kingdom