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UK Council Tax Rules

What is Council Tax in the United Kingdom? Local authorities (councils) levy a tax on households and they call it 'Council Tax'.

Levies differ according to several factors. They are based on how many people live in the domestic property and its estimated value.

So, having paid the bill, what is Council Tax used for in your local area?

Your local authority collects your Council Tax payments. They use the money to pay for local services in your region.

These local services usually include roads and highways, street lighting, schools, and rubbish collection.

How often do you have to pay council tax?

As a rule Council Tax bills get issued on or before the 30th of April each year.

Most authorities offer payment methods using monthly installments to help spread the cost of tax payments.

How do I get my Council Tax account number?

Your Council Tax bill shows your Council Tax Account Reference number. The reference number is either 11 or 12 digits long. Your local council will post a bill copy to you if you cannot find your account number.

UK Council Tax Guide

Council Tax

Find out how Council Tax works, who has to pay it, and who may be exempt. There is further information about Council Tax discounts for students and disabled people.

Note: The rules for Council Tax discounts, disregards, and exemptions vary. So, what are the definitions and why is it important for you to understand the difference?

Appeal a Council Tax Bill

Find out how to appeal Council Tax bill or the Valuation Tribunal. There is further information on how to challenge your Council Tax band, a penalty fine, or a completion notice.

Council Tax Bands

You can check the Council Tax band for a property in England, Wales, or Scotland online using a postcode. Information from 8 different tax bands, from A to H, are stored on the Council Tax valuation list.

Note: Another section explains how to challenge your Council Tax band, what evidence you would need to support it, and what happens after making a challenge.

Council Tax Exemption

If you live in England or Wales you may apply for a Council Tax discount. Your local council will confirm if you are eligible for an exemption or a discount to reduce the amount of Council Tax you pay.

Council Tax Payments

Paying Council Tax

Those who live in England or Wales can pay Council Tax online or by other methods such as using a direct debit system.

Paying Council Tax Arrears

This page explains how to pay Council Tax arrears. Those who are struggling to pay Council Tax debts can also get help from their local council.

Council Tax Reduction

You may be able to apply for Council Tax Reduction if you are on low income or claim benefits. The section explains the new procedure of applying for Council Tax Support.

Council Tax Laws and Regulations in United Kingdom