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Benefits from Sleeping Naked

Sleeping with no clothes on (in the buff) can improve sleep quality, it often boosts sexual intimacy, and it's good for the reproductive organs.

This article lists 7 health benefits from sleeping naked (as recommended by experts) to help you decide whether going to bed nude is healthier for your body.

Why is Sleeping Without Clothes Healthier?

Without doubt, we all need a healthy dose of restful sleep to help maintain our general health and well-being.

And yet, statistics show that a high percentage of adults have trouble falling asleep at least one night every week.

So, before you slip on your favourite nightie or pajamas, let’s look at some of the potential health benefits of going to bed nude.

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that pushes many people into trying supplementary rituals before bed time (e.g. practicing yoga movements, meditation) to increase blood flow and relieve tension.

According to healthcare professionals, the key health benefits associated with sleeping with no clothes, include:

  • A potential for reducing stress.
  • Creating confidence (e.g. body image, intimacy).
  • Encouraging good skin and reproductive health.
  • Promoting better sleep hygiene and quality.

In fact, we can go even further by breaking down these recognised and interconnected health advantages into three separate categories, being:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Sexual

1. Creating a Good Sleep Environment

It seems that most of us are looking for ways to fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, meaningful slumber. Thus, the best environment for sleeping starts with the room temperature.

Medical experts suggest the best temperature for most adults to drift off faster is around 16° Celsius (60 degrees Fahrenheit). Hence, having bare skin helps to decrease the body’s core temperature.

Being too warm at bedtime can disrupt the first period of ‘rapid eye movement’ (REM sleep) – even though it only lasts for about ten (10) minutes.

But wait – there’s more:

A decreasing body temperature, brought about by a lack of warm nightwear, often acts as a biological cue telling the body it’s time for sleep.

Note: One of the recommended ways of boosting the benefits is to disconnect from sources of technology (e.g. phones and computers) at least half an hour before going to bed.

2. Lowering Stress Levels

So, how does dozing off naked help to decrease stress? In fact, a study researching the problems that we have in old age studied different sleep patterns.

Evidence suggests that using natural methods to treat insomnia (e.g. avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine late at night) results in a positive outcome for our mood.

3. Increasing Confidence and Self Esteem

Several studies suggest we can decrease body image dissatisfaction and improve our self-esteem by spending more time unclothed.

That being said, we are not suggesting you go about your normal daily routine in your birthday suit.

But, making nighttime nudity a regular habit may create a dose of bare skin for added confidence as you hit the sheets.

4. Reproductive Health Benefits: Females

We will stay polite, but being ‘sans underwear’ in bed can have a positive outcome that results in a clean and healthy vagina.

Wearing tight-fitting underwear can increase the risk of yeast infections. Hence, some gynecologists recommend the preventative measure of ‘going commando’ instead.

Tip: Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable, cotton underwear is a healthy option for those who prefer not to go to bed without undergarments.

5. Male Fertility and Genital Health

The kind of underwear that men wear can impact their sperm count and fertility – according to some studies. The reason given is that tight-fitting underwear may create higher temperatures that, in turn, damages sperm.

As a result, men who go to bed without underwear are more likely to maintain the ‘ideal’ temperature. That said, wearing loose-fitting boxer shorts is also a firm favourite.

Sleeping Naked with a Partner

We will keep it clean, but the effects of skin-on-skin contact between consenting adults has distinct benefits for both partners. Intense stimulation of the skin (e.g. stroking, caressing, and touching) releases a hormone called ‘oxytocin’ which helps to reduce stress levels.

Thus, when couples sleep together nude, it usually increases skin to skin contact. The net result is higher levels of oxytocin – compared to cuddling while wearing clothes or PJs.

6. Preventing Weight Gain

The Obesity Society published a review that suggests there are strong links between reduced sleep and gaining weight.

Medical experts recommend getting at least seven (7) hours of sleep per day. Thus, stripping off at bed time may help to improve your sleeping schedule and help you maintain a healthier weight.

Note: There are other ways to boost the health benefits from sleeping naked. For example, eating meals within three (3) hours of bedtime is part of the general guidelines for dieting.

7. Healthy Skincare Maintenance

Getting enough beauty sleep is more than a fallacy – and yes, it can reduce the signs of skin aging. So, achieving deeper sleeps (e.g. through nakedness) can also help to speed up the healing of skin wounds.

An official study used suction to create blisters on participants. They then measured how the healing process of the skin corresponded to the sleep patterns of the participants.

Sleeping with Nothing On: What are the Health Benefits?