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Listing Ingredients

Ingredients List Required for Food Labels

Certain requirements apply to the listing of ingredients on food labelling in United Kingdom. This guide explains how to list ingredient quantities and the regulations for showing food and drink warnings.

Listing of Ingredients on Food Labelling UK

As a rule, a list of ingredients must include all the constituents that make up the food or the drink product.

Even though some exceptions exist, the ingredients list on food labelling must also include any additives and water.

If the food or drink product contains more than one (1) component, you must itemise all the ingredients in order of weight.

Compile the ingredients list according to the amounts used to make the product. Start with the main 'largest' ingredient at the beginning and end it with the smallest (by weight).

Note: You should list the names of the ingredients in the language that is relevant to the country where the food or drink is being sold.

Showing Ingredient Quantities (QUID)

In some cases, you would also need to show the percentage of each ingredient. The rule for giving a quantitative ingredients declaration (QUID) applies most to any that are:

Note: The Food Standards Agency has further information on how 'QUID' informs a customer to the percentage of particular ingredients contained in a food product.

Food Allergen Labelling Requirements

The information that you must give on allergens in food includes substances produced or derived from allergens. It also applies those used in processing the food.

As a rule, you must use a different font, style, or background colour to highlight allergens on the label. You must also include allergens in the ingredients list.

A comprehensive list of allergens you must highlight on food labelling and packaging in United Kingdom includes:

Note: The Food Standards Agency has extra guidance on food allergen labelling requirements and how it applies to the manufacturing industry.

Showing Food and Drink Warnings

Food and drink labels must show an appropriate warning if the product that you are producing contains certain types of ingredients. The listed ingredient and the wording you must use is:


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Listing of Ingredients on Food Labels in United Kingdom